Decorative and unique wall clocks have never been more popular. Homeowners are moving away from traditional wall clocks and aim towards decorative accessories instead. People want something that is interesting and unique so they can enhance their rooms and create a beautiful centerpiece for their home. A unique wall clock can add a sparkle to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, diner, and study. Unique wall clocks can add to the room décor and make a statement. So, where to buy a unique wall clock, and what options do you have available?

Where to Buy a Wall Clocks?

Clocks in the wall are easy to find. You can buy wall clocks, or indeed any clock, in a variety of stores online or in the local shopping mall. Prices can range significantly, as can their designs. Amazon and many other stores online have wall clocks for sale and can be delivered safely to your home.

How Are Clocks Made?

Clocks can be made out of almost any material imaginable; all that is required is a clock mechanism. For instance, clocks can be made from wrought-iron metal, wood, resin, plastic, and much more. You could even make one at home. A decorative wall clock can be designed and finished however you like. And, they can make wonderful gifts too.

Fleble Unique Elongated Pendulum Silent Wall Clock

Fleble Large Wall Clocks for Living Room Decor Pendulum Wall Clocks Silent Irregular Digital Fashion Design Wood Home Decoration for Bedroom Kitchen Office School 25.2inchIf you’re looking for an interesting wall clock decoration, the Fleble (all rights reserved) Unique Elongated Pendulum Silent Wall Clock is the ideal choice. It’s a conversation starter and will make your living or TV room stand out. Wall mount it with ease and the silent ticking feature is fantastic. The clock numbers become a part of the clock’s framework with an elongated number pendulum.

  • 65cm In Length
  • A Unique Wall Clock For A Modern Living Room
  • An Easy-To-Read Dial and Clock Face

WOOCH Wrought Iron Two-Faced Station Clock

WOOCH Wrought Iron Antique-Look Brown Round Wall Hanging Double Sided Two Faces Retro Station Clock Round Chandelier Wall Hanging Clock with Scroll Wall Side Mount Home Décor Wall Clock 8-inchWith a beautiful vintage-style, train station-inspired theme, this unique wall clock is gorgeous. It has a double clock face with Grand Central New York Terminal stamped on them. The ticking sound is quiet and is ideal for any home. It has an 8-inch clock diameter and sports a high-quality feel that would go on my list too. The clock works with an AA battery and is a perfect piece of wall décor. This unique wall clock can work in any living space and makes home designing so much simpler.

  • Retro Design
  • Beautiful Wrought Iron Work To The Outer Parts of the Clock
  • Silent Ticking Feature
  • Americana-Inspired Theme

Fleble Metal Drop Diamond Art Deco 3D Clock

Fleble Metal 23.6 inch Black Drop Wall Clock 3D Non-Ticking Silent Quartz Clocks,White Glass Dial with Arabic Numerals,Diamond Round Home DecorationThis is one of the most beautiful and unique wall clocks. It’s modern, sleek, sexy, and draws in your eye. The clock is made from iron metal with a lovely black finish to each drop with diamond crystals (intimation ones, of course) and a beautiful clock face. This metal wall clock will make your interior design stand out. It’s handmade and is 60cm in width and length. It’s fashionable and a nice choice for your living room or lounge. Wall clocks such as this, offer a silent tick feature and works with an AA carbon battery.

  • A Clean Clock Face
  • Diamond Crystal Finish
  • Silent Ticking
  • Quartz Movement

ShareArt Unique Mandala Flower-Inspired Wall Clock

ShareArt Mandala Flower Silent Wood Wall Clock - Original Home Living Room Bedroom Kitchen Decor - Best Birthday Gift for Friends Men Woman - Unique Wall Art Design - Size 12 InchIf you want to shop for unique wall clocks, this beautiful Mandala Flower-Inspired clock is the one to adore. The framework is beautifully shaped and offers a rustic charm with a modern crossover effect. The ticketing mechanism is quiet so that it won’t disturb you and would go on my list of favorites. It’s a unique wall timepiece with a longer second hand but that adds more charm to the clock made with an art deco feel.

  • Makes the Ideal Gift
  • Beautiful Detailing To the Frame
  • Classic Number Styling

Unique Math Equation Wall Clock

Timelike Math Clock, Unique Wall Clock Modern Design Novelty Maths Equation Clock - Each Hour Marked by a Simple Math Equation (Black)Want a unique wall clock? This math equation horloge is stunning. It looks smart and is a fun way to learn about math too. Instead of the tradition or roman numerals, the clock sports equations. The design is smart and you’ll want one of these hanging on your wall. It’s a beautiful and high-quality wall clock too.

  • Unique Designs
  • A Smart Way To Learn About Math
  • A Simple Black and White Color Scheme With Chalkboard Theme.

Modern Water Drop Decorative Wall Clock

XSZ Modern Design Large Silent Water Drop Wall Clock Battery Operated for Kitchen Office Living Room Bedroom Decorative (9.5These water drop-shaped wall clocks look beautiful. The design is unique and made from acrylic with a built-in silent clock movement. It also has metal hands and works with AA batteries. Stylish, this interesting wall horloge looks gorgeous. It’s rustic and the pendulum is finished well.

  • Easy Assembly
  • A Piece of Art
  • Modern Theme

Walking Dead (Rights Reserved) Spooky Zombie Wall Clock

Walking Dead TV Series Wall Clock Modern Gift Friendship Gift Birthday Party Gift Idea Unique Gift for Boys Girls Teens Youth New House GiftAny fan of the TV series will adore this Walking Dead themed wall clock. You don’t see wall clocks like these so it’s a lovely appealing clock. It sports a beautiful custom design and the vinyl record style is impressive. The dial sports the inner workings of the clock.

  • A Lovely Accessory for the Home
  • Would Make an Ideal Gift
  • Vintage Theme with a Subtle Clock Face

3D Contemporary Missing Numbers Green Wall Clock

3D Big Digit Modern Contemporary Home Decor Round Wall Clock Green (GREEN, 1)This novelty unique wall timepiece is a contemporary clock that’ll make your walls stand out. The 3D missing numbers design is smart and the clock is made from hard plastic. This makes it durable and high-quality. The ticking sound is fairly low and the green color scheme is inviting

Retro Swinging Pendulum Wall Clock

Aero Snail Dia 9-inch Retro Style Vintage Wood Indoor Wall Clock with Swinging Pendulum (Requires 2 AA Batteries for Clock Hands and Pendulum)This is a truly unique wall timepiece that’ll draw in the eye and appease you. It sports an antique look and the unique style of the pendulums and top of the piece is interesting. Made from wood and sporting an analog dial, these clocks are light with a lovely finish.

  • Wooden Wall Clock Is Sturdily Built
  • Quiet Ticking
  • Easy To Hang

Unique Wall 3D Moving Gear Steampunk Quartz Wall Clock

Kintrot 3D Brain Moving Gear Clock Steampunk Decor Wood Quartz Wall Art ClockThese wall clocks show innovative art and a fantastic modern twist on a classic timepiece. The head-shaped clock is unique and the gears actually move. You can have the gears running independently of the clock hands so they can be switched on and off at will. The craftsmanship put into this clock is fantastic and it’s very creative too. And, the gears have been made from eco-friendly wood too.

  • An Unique Shape
  • A Beautiful Piece of Modern Art
  • Accurate Time.

Steampunk Gears Wall Clock

Design Toscano Gears of Time Steampunk Wall Clock Sculpture, Medium, Full ColorWall clocks don’t get any more unique than this. The steampunk analog clock looks stunning and will become a talking point in any household. The 3D sculpted mechanical-styled clock is beautiful and incorporates an industrial-feel too. It’s contemporary and very uniquely designed. The roman numerals are bold and the rustic globe and compass sculptures are lovely. This is a durable clock to adore.

  • High-Quality Timepiece
  • A Wonderful Art Deco Clock
  • All Hand-Casted with Crushed Stone

LED Vinyl Record Music Unique Wall Clocks

Homie Bay Music Vinyl Record Wall Clock - Musical Instrument LED Light Wall Clock - Guitar Vinyl Clock - Living Room Wall Decor - Unique Gifts for Music Lovers.This beautiful vinyl music record LED wall clock looks spectacular. Any music enthusiast will adore these wall clocks. They’re smart and have a back LED light to make it stand out more. The 12-inch record is 30 cm in size and sports a guitar and musical note theme to the front. The Quartz movement is subtle and there are seven different lighting choices to choose from.

  • Dial Is Smart
  • Vintage Wall Decoration
  • Unique Timepiece

Cinema Popcorn-Inspired Film Reel Clocks

Cinema Vinyl Wall Clock-Unique Home Theater Movie Night Film Reels Popcorn Wall Decor Home Decorations-Best Gift for A Movie Lover Unique Gift to Your Friends and Family for Any OccasionA true one-off. This timepiece sports a lovely film reel, popcorn, and drinks theme. It looks smart and the black finish to the clocks face is lovely. The dial and hands are finished in a white making it easier to read.

  • Would Make an Ideal Gift
  • Vinyl Film Record Style
  • Great Interior Wall Décor

Kitchen Cutlery-Inspired Silver Wall Clock

CIGERA 16 Inch Large Kitchen Wall Clocks with Spoons and Forks,Great Home Decor and Nice Gifts,SliverAnyone looking for a kitchen wall clock will adore this cute wall clock. It’s unique, a little strange, but very charming and is an interesting talking point too. These clocks will become a focal point for your kitchen and the dial hands are shaped like a fork and knife. The clock’s frame is shaped in spoons, forks, drainers, and a spatula. It’s actually very charming.

  • Silent Ticking
  • High-Quality Quartz Movement
  • Metallic Finish Ensures Durability

Non-Ticking 3D Pacific Bay Wall clock

Pacific Bay Alsfeld Large Decorative Light-Weight 20-inch Wall Clock Silent, Non-Ticking, 3-D Aluminum Dial, Easy-to-Read, Quartz Battery Operated, Glass Face CoverWall clocks decorative pieces such as this non-ticking 3D wall clock is stunning. The weave, floral-like theme to the outer frame of the metal wall piece looks lovely. It’s quite a unique wall item and can become a decorative piece. The clocks large and has a quiet, non-ticking movement. Its 3D frame is beautiful and the face cover is made from glass. And, the burnt gold finish is pleasing. The metal wall clock is beautiful.

  • Water and UV-Resistant
  • ABS Polymer Makes It Durable
  • One Year Warranty

The Nightmare before Christmas Character-Inspired Retro Wall Clock

The Nightmare Before Christmas Animated Handmade Vinyl Record Wall Clock, Get Unique Bedroom or Nursery Wall Decor - Gift Ideas for Kids and Teens - Unique Art DesignShaped in a vinyl record fashion, these clocks are unique and appealing. The characters on the frame of the clock are well presented and detailed. The small clock face offers a quiet Quartz movement, which is welcomed. And, the white numbers, minute, and hour hands are contrasted well. They’re easier to see and would make a great gift.

  • Ideal for Bedrooms, Lounge Areas, and Hallways
  • A Unique Talking Piece
  • Well Presented and Adds a Touch of Magic to the Home

Batman-Themed Record Clock

Batman Clock Vinyl Clock, Batman Wall Clock 12", Unique Art Decoration, The Best Home DecorationsAny Batman enthusiast will love this beautiful and very unique timepiece. It’s sleek, smart, and quite fun. Batman is pictured climbing up the side of a building with bats flying overhead. And, there is the Gotham skyline in the distance. It’s quite a fun clock and one that’s pretty smart. The round shape is nicely finished with a dark dial with white hands and numbers.

  • Beautifully Finished
  • An Ideal Option For Bedrooms and Lounge Areas
  • Contrasting Color Scheme

Shabby-Chic Botanical Quartz Wall Clock

Howard Miller Savannah Botanical Society VI Wall Clock 620-401 – Antique & Round with Quartz MovementClocks in the wall don’t get any more impressive than this. The beautiful floral tribute on the front offers a gorgeous countryside or rose garden feel. The roman numerals are well presented and easy to see. Made in the USA, this wall clock is durable with a rustic look and finish. The distressed frame is eye-catching and sturdy.

  • A High-Quality Finished Timepiece
  • Sports an Antique Pendulum
  • Panel Base Has Been Laser Cut for Precision

Oversized Wrought-Iron Quartz Clock

Howard Miller Magdalen Oversized Wall Clock 625-310 – Wrought-Iron with Quartz MovementAs clocks go, you can’t get anything more unique than this. It’s a very beautiful wall clock that has a mix of traditional with modern styles. And, it works very well indeed. The round clock face is finished with wrought-iron and the large roman numerals are easy to spot. It’s sturdy with a brass pendulum inside the clock face.

  • Unique Interior Pendulum
  • Traditional Roman Numerals
  • Oversized Modern Clock

Wall Clock, 10 inch Metal Frying Pan Kitchen Wall Clock Home Decor - Kitchen Themed Unique Wall Clock with a Screwdriver (Black)Quirky Kitchen Frying Pan

Funky and interesting, this beautiful clock will get people talking. It’s smart and the contrast between the red outer frame frying pain to the silver face of the clock is lovely. The fork and knife clock hands are cute and will fit nicely into any household.

  • Smart with a Classic Kitchen Design
  • Quirky and Fun
  • Quartz Movement for Silent Operation

Revolving Wheel Clock

Kikkerland Big Wheel Revolving Wall ClockThis is a very unique piece. The wheel turns as the clock ticks and its super quirky and cool. For most, this will become a centerpiece for their home. The clock is sleek and very unique. The gear theme is subtle and the finish is high-quality too.

  • Smart Finish
  • Large Clocks for Kitchens, Offices, and Lounge Areas
  • An Affordable Price

Olive Branch Vintage Unique wall Clock

Olive Branch Vintage Clock, Eruner European Large Decorative Wall Art Non-Ticking Quartz Clock Unique for Family Living RoomThis clock offers a non-ticking operation which means it runs silently. There are no annoying ticking sounds to interrupt your thoughts. And, the olive branch design to the outer frame is stunning and very detailed too. The clock face has a lovely light wooden circular frame and the classical numbers are easy to read.

  • Large Decorative Piece
  • Taiwan Sangtai Quartz Movement
  • A Retro European Theme

Compass Wall Clock

7ArtsStudio Compass Wall Clock Made of Wood - Perfect and Beautifully Cut - Decorate Your Home with Modern Art - Unique Gift for Him and Her - Size 12 InchesThis is a stunningly styled and fashionable horloge. It’s smart, sleek, and offers a simplistic idea in a sense. The inner clock face is subtle but easy to spot. And, you’ll love how this looks. It’s well finished and can double as a nice art deco piece. These clocks are unique and make an ideal wall clock.

  • Versatile
  • Can Be Personalized
  • Crafted From Premium Materials

Original Sea Turtle Ornamental Wall Clock

Sea Turtle Ornament Silent Wood Wall Clock - Original Home Office Living Room Bedroom Kitchen Decor - Best Birthday Gift for Friends Men Woman - Unique Wall Art Design - Size 12 InchYou’ll adore this cute wall clock. It is uniquely shaped and charming. The sea turtle theme can be a welcomed addition to any household and the detail to the frame work is fantastic. The clock face is subtly finished with brushed gold and the hour hands are easy to spot.

  • Quiet Ticking Wall Piece
  • Use As Wall Décor
  • Silent Quartz Movement

Educational Swinging Pendulum Gear Clock

WOPACR DIY Wooden Mechanical Pendulum Clock Model Educational Model HandcraftedWith this clock, you’ll get more than you bargained for. You can see how it actually runs and it’s a smart concept. The inner gears are on how and well-presented. It’s appealing because of its simplicity. These clocks are stripped back to the foundations but are cute. The idea is smart.

  • Gold Finished Gears
  • Bold Roman Numerals
  • Affordable

Rainbow Tree of Life Wall Wall clock

Wamika Wall Clock Tree of Life Rainbow Branch Leaves Seasonal Flowers Round Clock Silent Non Ticking Decorative, Spring Summer Autumn Floral Clocks 10 Inch Battery Operated Quartz Quiet Desk ClockMade from wooden MDF, this beautiful wall clock has beauty to offer. It’s uniquely finished and the rainbow coloring is gorgeous. The tree of life is styled well and the finish feels very high-quality. It’s spookily eerie but mesmerizing. And, the overall tone bonds together well.

  • Non-Ticking Motion
  • Easy To Read Large Numbers
  • Battery Powered

Barber Shop-Inspired Clock

Barber Shop Man Vinyl Record Wall Clock - Home Room Or Bathroom Wall Decor - Gift Ideas for Parents, Friends – Beautiful Unique Art DesignWhether you’re in the beauty industry or otherwise, this clock will get you talking. The smart style is cute without overselling the idea. The frame is made up of hair combs, brushes, scissors, and other barber accessories. It’s pleasing on the eye and unique. This vintage clock can be a piece of modern art.

  • Affordable
  • Simple, Quality Finish
  • Ideal for Households or Barber Shops

Crystal Spiral Wall Clock

Timelike Crystal Wall Clock - Celebration Decorative Metal Wall ClockThe clock’s metal frame supports faux crystals and looks very nice. The aluminum face is easy to read and have a lovely chrome-like finish. The traditional numbers are finished in black and work well against the silver finish.

  • Great for Dining Rooms
  • Affordable
  • Finished To A High Standard

Fallen Numbers Lazy Clock

Enesco Whatever. Scrambled Numbers Always Late 7.5 x 7.5 Inch Square Hanging Wall ClockThe square wall clocks offer a smart idea for those who are constantly losing track of time or running late. The fallen numbers to the side is a simple but effective design and the plain white clock face against the black frame is beautiful. It is simple but nice and the ‘WHATEVER’ stamped across the top brings a smile too.

  • Made From Ceramics
  • Finished to a High Standard
  • Clean Lines

3D Metal Round Bare Clock

Univer-Co Modern 3D Wall Clocks Battery Operated Decorative 20"x24The concept behind this clock is quite simple but effective. You have a circular outer frame and that’s it. And, there is almost a ship-like feel to it. That’s impressive and its stripped back to a simple form but it works. The ideal in the center is larger for easy viewing and is quiet too.

  • Quiet Ticking
  • Art Deco Feel
  • Great for Households Everywhere

Butterfly Pendulum Wall Clock

ANMIKI Metal Black Drop Wall Clock,Pretty Butterfly Design,Non-Ticking Silent Quartz Clocks with Arabic Numerals Home DecorationWith a silent ticking movement, this butterfly pendulum is a stunner. This showstopper will make you smile but also appreciate the work gone into creating it. The clock’s outer frame has butterflies incorporated into it and the large clock face is smart. It has a clean layout with a silver finish around the numbers. The pendulum is also in the shape of a butterfly.

  • Ideal for Kitchens
  • Beautifully Clean Lines
  • A Contrast Between Silver and Black Around the Clock Face

The Allure of One-Off Clocks

Wall clocks can be as unique as you want them to be. You can have wacky designs that appeal to your sense of humor or ones that offer charm and poise for the home. The great thing about modern clocks is that they range widely and are more unique than ever before. If you want a one-of-a-kind clock, there are many to choose from

Best Unique Wall Clocks

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