A Panerai wall clock can be a wonderful and unique addition to a home. Panerai is one of the world’s leading clock and watch manufacturers. Whether you look at a Panerai desk clock or wall clock, you’ll fall in love with the style and beauty of it. These clocks are renowned for their innovative designs with a crossover between traditional and modern technology. Panerai wall pieces are incredibly popular and they do make excellent focal points for the home.

Panerai Radiomir European Style Retro Wall Clock, 

Panerai Radiomir European Style Retro Wall Clock, Silent Non Ticking Battery Operated Movement, Home/Wall Decor One SizeSimply designed, this stunning Panerai Radiomir European Style Retro Wall Clock will look a treat in any household. This is a desirable item and surprisingly light too. The traditional round clock face is appeasing and comes with a mute sweeping Quartz movement. This helps to stop any frustrating ticking sounds.  The frame is made with durable metal and finished with a glass lens case. The finish of the frame is lovely and the clock face is finished in black with contrasting numbers. Also, Panerai Radiomir European Style Retro Wall Clock has ‘Swiss Made’ on it.

Advantages of the Timepiece

  • Elegant Designs
  • Beautifully Finished for Precision
  • Easily Readable

Panerai Pam 112 Dealer Wall Clock

Traditional and bespoke, this wall clock would be a welcomed addition to any home or office. The Panerai wall piece is quite lovely and has a marine-like feel to the design but that only adds to the charm of the item. It’s very smart and appealing because it’s different. And, it would make an interesting centerpiece. The round wooden frame has a classical feel and the inner metal clock dial looks fantastic. The contrast between the lighter background of the dial and the darker-toned numbers are ideal. This Panerai (all rights reserved) clock is beautiful and you don’t see many of these products either so they’re special.

Advantages of the Timepiece

  • Beautiful Design
  • Clean Lines
  • One of the Best Panerai Wall Products Ever Made

Panerai Luminor Marina Night Mode European Style Retro Wall Clock

Panerai Luminor Marina Night Mode European Style Retro Wall Clock, Silent Non Ticking Battery Operated Movement, Home/Wall Decor One SizePanerai Luminor Marina Night Mode European Style Retro Wall Clock

Swiss-made, Panerai Luminor Marina Night Mode European Style Retro Wall Clock is truly among the most exquisite products you can have in your home today. This clock shows the beauty and a very traditional Panerai design. The Luminor Marina wall clock looks good and brings all the charm and character it deserves. It’s a famed wall clock and will become a focal point in your home. For a luxury item, comes a luxury price but if the price doesn’t worry you, it’ll be an item you want to show off. Like Swiss watches, this beautiful wall clock will last a lifetime.

It is very light with no glass so you can stick it on the wall with double-sided tape or leave it stand on the table leaning on other subject. Also, you can hang it on the wall with a hook. You can use this decorative wall clock to make your room outstanding, remarkable and eyes-catching. This should be a meaningful gift for your children, friends and family.

Advantages of the Timepiece

  • The Order Process is Simple
  • Is a Real Page-Turner
  • Made with High-Quality Materials

The Panerai Radiomir Wall Clock

A wall clock should be a page-turner; something that gets visitors and guests talking when they walk into a room. Like Panerai watches, the Radiomir wall clock will impress. The fine details during the manufacturing process are stunning and showcase the best this clock has to offer. The steel case to the back of the clock makes it stronger and is finished well with the glass case to the dial. It’s elegant and precise with gorgeous Arabic numerals, linear hour indicators, and luminous dots.

No matter which wall you hang it on or whatever else is around it, this will be the focal point; this clock. The craftsmanship put into the clock is fantastic and the design is breathtaking. It’s a page-turner for design and quality. And, you’ll be impressed with the price too. You can email a few chosen dealers to get your hands on this beautiful wall clock. While Panerai watches are impressive, this wall clock takes things to a whole new level.

Advantages of the Timepiece

  • Beautifully Designed
  • Works on Any Wall and in Any Room
  • Every Detail is Finished with Precision

Panerai Luminous Silent Sweep Wall Clock,

Panerai luminous wall clock Silver
You want a page-turner for a clock so visitors ask about what’s hanging on your wall. You think Panerai watches get people talking, well, Panerai wall clocks get people talking too. And, this Liminous is a showstopper. Every care has gone into the manufacturing process to create these unique timepieces. The polished bezel and sapphire crystal shine brightly too; and has a glow-in-the-dark display, which is a charming feature.

Advantages of the Timepiece

  • Dimension: 32cm x 32cm x 5cm(12.8inchx12.8inchx2inch)
  • Clock Shape: Round
  • Movement Type: Mute Sweeping Movement
  • Gross Weight: 2.3KG
  • Clock Material: Metal
  • Mirror Material: Glass
  • Two-sided: Single
  • Clock case: Steel material, no rust, no fade

What Should You Consider When Buying a Panerai Wall Clock?

Panerai is a century-old manufacturer and has the most luxurious timepieces imaginable. However, that means you have to be extra careful when buying a Panerai timepiece as they are so often faked. The reason behind this is down to their beauty – and – they can be worth a lot of money. That is why if you see a wall timepiece with the Panerai name on it at a rock-bottom price you need to think twice. Of course, spotting a genuine wall clock from a fake comes down to the finer details.

One fine detail is the luminescent background. Genuine Panerai wall clocks are made with a green background layered within the clock. This illuminates the dial. Sometimes, a closer look at the wall clock will tell you all you need to know. Then, the wall clock is often made with high-quality materials and finished to an exacting standard. Also, logos, words, and numbers are always laser engraved with genuine Panerai wall clocks. These are small details but may determine if you’re buying a genuine wall clock or a fake.

Final Words

Whether you want to buy a Panerai dealer clock or a Luminor wall clock, you’ll love the quality and unique design of these swiss made wall clocks. So much detail goes into each timepiece and it’s magical. The quality is second-to-none and while they are a little bit more expensive than others, they’re exquisite.

Best Swiss Made Wall Clocks with Pendulum

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