Why Is A Rolex Wall Clock So Expensive? There are lots of home improvement toys to incorporate into your home and the wall clock is one of the simplest items to buy. Wall clocks can become the focal point in your home and while they’re a simple item, they make a wonderful accessory to finish a room’s décor. A Rolex wall clock can be a fantastic timepiece for your home. Rolex timepieces are designed beautifully and they’re exclusive.

There’s an appeal to the brand that makes people stand up and take notice. You see Rolex timepieces in TV shows and hear about them on an audio series. You want to join the club and own one of these exclusive timepieces. They’re adored everywhere because there’s something special about them. Unfortunately, they are also expensive. Why is Rolex such an expensive brand, and how to buy one of these wall clocks?

Luxury Swiss Watches

Rolex is one of the oldest and most popular brands in the world. While their products are made with the highest quality materials, they also offer luxury in abundance. That means there is a greater demand for them and as always, luxury creates a higher price tag. It’s the same in any setting. For example, you’re sitting in a restaurant and on the menu, there are fish and potatoes. However, it isn’t just a regular piece of cod; its fresh pan-seared salmon served on a bed of caviar. There are also fondant potatoes with a whisky sauce. That isn’t just a simple dish, that’s a luxury meal made with the best ingredients and that increases the price.

It’s similar to any timepiece, whether its luxury pocket watches or a wall clock, the higher the quality, the higher the price. Luxury Swiss timepieces are not cheaply made so they’re not cheap items to buy. You’re paying to join the club – an exclusive club – which offers the highest quality items. Take the Yacht-Master Luminous timepiece for instance; the precision to detail is second-to-none.

FIR rolex wall clock legendary mute strongFIR Rolex living room wall clock GMT-MASTER luminous.

With a contemporary style and silent sweeping movement, this round Yacht-Master (all rights reserved) timepiece is a stunner. The design is bold but beautiful and the blue finish around the frame is pretty with the words ‘Yacht-Master’ on the bottom of the outer frame. The simple design is appealing and so much detail has gone into creating it. Wall clocks Rolex is gorgeous and while this timepiece is bold, it’s fabulous. You can read the product detail pages and learn more on Amazon and other retailers selling this timepiece. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you may be quicker delivery.

It Takes Time to Create a Masterpiece

No expense has been spared when it comes to designing or building a wall clock Rolex – or indeed, any Rolex timepiece. And, it’s not something that can be made quickly. These timepieces command luxury and every meticulous detail is checked and double-checked for perfection. It’s actually time-consuming to create a timepiece because of the finite details and care that go into it. There is more quality on show which also creates a higher price tag. It’s the same with the Submariner Rolex clock wall timepiece.

This beautiful timepiece is truly one of the most exclusive items for your home. With a Quartz movement, this clock is finished to a high standard. The clock has white line markers and the black background contrast with each other well. The Rolex signature is also on the dial with a Chronometer on the outside of the frame. It’s a Rolex wall piece that stands out. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to pick this up at the local music electronics store, it’s a rare piece.

Some specialist clock dealers may be able to source this item for you and may even offer free shipping. However, you could speak to an auctioneer and have an international shopping transition alert set up for this piece. Of course, shipping costs may vary if coming from overseas.

Desirable to Movie Stars and High-Flyers

Celebrities and Hollywood movie stars have long held a special relationship with luxury brands and Rolex is no different. Their timepieces are practical but stylish and they showcase impressive engineering in something as simple as a watch. That elegance is transferred over into their wall clocks as well. And, they continue to be popular items. The Daytona Rolex watch owned by the Hollywood legend Paul Newman, sold in an auction for over $17 million. While the value was helped because it belonged to a Hollywood icon, it was also a desirable piece. That’s why they’re expensive.

In homage to that very watch, the Daytona Luminous Rolex clock was made.

Rolex Daytona Wall ClockRolex Daytona Wall Clock Luminous Clock.

This beautiful wall clock is a showstopper. The silver finish to the frame is lovely and this wall clock Rolex will appease any household or office. It’s a focal point and will get people talking. The Rolex signature is on the dial and it’ll look good no matter which wall you hang it on. The round design is subtle but nice and there’s a simplicity about it that charms. The price is decent and – depending on where you purchase the clock from – shipping can be fairly quick too. Once payment products are paid for and you’ve supplied your delivery address, you can own this an exclusive wall clock Rolex.

Top Tips to Consider before Buying a Rolex

A Rolex clock can be a beautiful item but there are things you need to consider before you part with your money. Here are some tips to consider.

  • Does it come with a Warranty?

Warranties can be important for peace of mind. If you have a decent warranty you know the item can be repaired or replaced. Some warranties can last 6-months, others 12-months; without this, you could face a hefty repair bill if you accidentally damage the clock. If you’re buying a Rolex timepiece, ensure the seller has some sort of warranty available.

  • Buy from a Trusted Retailer

These are exclusive timepieces and may not be so easily available in all outlets. You may have to look at special jewelry dealers or auction houses to find one. Of course, there are authorized sellers too. When you’re buying a wall clock, ensure it comes from a trusted and authorized seller. This helps to ensure you’re buying a quality timepiece.

  • Compare Costs to Ensure It’s Genuine

There is a lot of fake Rolex’s flying about and many of them look genuine and may even convince you at first glance. To avoid buying a less than genuine timepiece and not pay over the odds, compare costs. You should compare the price for the item you’re thinking about buying to others online. Research online about what these pieces sell for so that you don’t overpay or get scammed.

Buy the Right One for You

Rolex timepieces are gorgeous. They feel very exclusive and can look beautiful hanging on your wall at home. The great thing about these timepieces is that they vary considerably in terms of their style and designs. They’re unique but practical and can add the final touch to your home. Rolex offers some of the best wall clocks imaginable and they can be a wonderful option for your home too. You’ll love Rolex wall clocks because of their beauty and style.

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