A modern wall clock can be a wonderful accessory in the home. Nothing compares to a beautiful horloge. A wall clock can be a statement piece for a room and while some might say wall clocks are outdated, they remain a necessity. Busy lives leave little time to do the simplest things, even checking the time. Fortunately, a wall clock can be a convenient and handy accessory to have. And, a modern wall clock can make all the difference in the world.

Modern wall clocks are focal points because they’re clean, bold, beautiful, and elegant. There are mid-century pieces, contemporary wall clocks, and much more. Simplicity is what modern wall clocks can bring but it’s appealing. Your next pick could last a lifetime.

The SSINI Large Digital Calendar Clock

[12 Alarm Options] Day Clock- Extra Large Impaired Vision Digital Calendar Alarm Day Clock, Non-Abbreviated Day & Month for Dementia,Alzheimer ,Memory Loss(8 Inch)This is a smart modern clock that is easy to hang on the wall. The extra-large digital clock face is easier to read no matter where you are in the room. And, the calendar date and time set out features are fantastic. The simple square design with a black frame and white numbers work well together. And, you can set reminders too. It’s a simplistic style but it works and there is a battery backup should the power source unexpectedly go out. The digital calendar clock really does standout.

Why Choose This Horloge?

  • 12 Alarm Settings Available
  • Wall Mountable
  • Ideal for Seniors

The HITO Non-Ticking Silent Wall Clock

hito Modern Silent Wall Clock Non Ticking 10 inch Excellent Accurate Sweep Movement Silver Aluminum Frame Glass Cover, Decorative for Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Bedroom, Office (White)Sleek and stylish, this silent modern horloge is beautiful and elegant. Your wall decor will be finished off nicely with this round clock. The clock wall style is gorgeous and is affordable. It’s a contemporary wall clock; the silver finish to the metal frame material is lovely and the clock hands are easy to spot. The quartz movement ensures the wall clock is silent and the clock face has a working thermometer.

Why Choose This Horloge?

  • Works with an AA Battery
  • Non-Ticking Quartz Mechanism
  • Affordable Price and Great Customer Rating

The Marathon Atomic Slim Wall Clock

Marathon Slim Atomic Wall Clock with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature, Full Calendar and Large Display - Batteries Included - CL030027-FD-BK (Black)These wall clocks ooze style and show their modern design. Wall clocks should be sleek and this one certainly is. The digital style is ideal for your living room or even the kitchen wall and adds to your home accents too. The modern wall clock also shows the current temperature in the home as well as outside. It’s convenient as a wall clock but can double up as a desk clock if you lack wall space. It looks great though and is practical for modern living.

Why Choose This Horloge?

  • Choose from a 24 or 12-Hour Format
  • Works with AA Batteries
  • Self-Adjusting Features

Extra Large American Lifetime Digital Clock

American Lifetime, Newest Version, Day Clock Extra Large Impaired Vision Digital Clock with Battery Backup and 5 Alarm Options, Brown Wood ColorModern wall clocks should offer style and beauty and this modern timepiece shows that from the outset. The digital century modern wall clock sports an ergonomic design with a high-resolution display. The clock layout is simple but that only adds to the charm of the wall clock. There are five alarm features and no annoying ticking noise to distract you. The dial face is versatile and is a fun design element of the clock. The wood frame is finished beautifully and suitable for a dining or family room.

Why Choose This Timepiece?

  • Easy to Hang
  • A Modern Looking Clock
  • High-Quality Finish to the Wood Frame

The NEWGATE Silver Modern Wall Clocks

Newgate Luggage Red Wall ClockThe clock is modern with a retro-inspired twist. The style feels like a classic cars’ dashboard but it’s sleeker, nonetheless. The monochrome finish to the frame is smart and the black and white clock face and minute markers are smart. It is also contrasted well against the red hour and minute hands. These clocks are ideal for any home and offer a mid-century feel too.

Why Choose This wall clock?

  • Works with 1 AA Battery
  • Thicker Frame
  • Eye-Catching

La Crosse Digital Modern Contemporary Wall Clock

La Crosse Technology WT-8002U Digital Wall ClockIf you want a clock you can rely on every day, this digital clock might be the ideal choice. The La Crosse digital wall timepiece is fantastic for your home and is one that offers an elegant minimalistic design. You can choose from a 12 or 24-hour time format and has an alarm and snooze features. These clocks can be used in any part of the home and can be hung on any wall too.

Why Choose This wall clock?

  • Calendar Info Given
  • Runs with AAA Batteries
  • Tells You The Current Temperature Inside

The Marathon Every Day Atomic Wall Clocks with Backlight

Marathon Large Atomic Wall Clock with Auto Backlight, Calendar, Temperature, and Humidity - Self Setting, Self Adjusting - Batteries Included - CL030052BK (Black Frame, Black Trim)The Atomic modern digital living room clock is one of the best home clocks available. Clocks on wall are simple and this can be easily hung on any wall in any room. It has a lovely modern style that’s sleek and convenient for any home and has an impressively low price too. The silent movement features are fantastic so you aren’t disturbed by any ticking sounds. It is ideal for any living space and the screen offers a nice wide-angle dial that is easy to read. The wall clock shows the temperature indoors. The backlight is a nice feature of the clock too.

Why Choose This Horloge?

  • A Sensor Light Operates the Backlight
  • Versatile Clock
  • Clocks Wall Sports A Modern Digital Style

Acu-Rite LED Modern Wall Clock

AcuRite 75127M 14.5 Inch Large Red Oversized LED Clock with Indoor Temperature, Date and Kickstand (75172MDI), 14.5-InchModern clocks should be versatile and whether you’re looking for mid-century modern or something contemporary, this wall clock shows quality in abundance. This is one of the best for your home and the style is subtle and sleek. The modern wall clock offers accurate time and is useful for any room in the home. It is one versatile clock.

Why Choose This Clock?

  • Modern Wall Clocks
  • Red Numbers Are Easy To Read
  • Keyhole Feature For Easy Hanging

Modern Wood Home Wall Clock

BorschToday Handmade Modern Wood Wall Clock - Get Unique Home Room or Office Wall Decor - Gift Ideas for Men and Women ??“ Gym Barbell Unique Art DesignThis handmade home wood wall clock is a stunner. It sports a unique vinyl record style clock face and is frameless. The clock is modern and easy to hang on the wall; the style is smart and the wood is well finished. The wood-style feels very basic but it’s charming and is truly modern. The modern wood wall clock has an affordable price and is a unique wall clock to hang in your home.

Why Choose This Horloge?

  • Unique Weightlifter Image
  • Line Number Markers
  • Quiet Operation

The Modern CO-Z Multifunctional Digital Wall Clock

CO-Z Multi-Functional Remote Control Large 17.3 X 6.3 X 0.6 Inches LED Digital Wall Clock with Countdown Timer Temperature Date (Black Shell White Digital)Modern clocks should be practical but functional and this home digital style clock offers that and more. It’s a popular modern time with a unique style. The wall clock has a host of functions including a thermometer, timer, snooze, and night light feature. The clock is durable as it’s finished in aluminum alloy.

Why Choose This Timepiece?

  • Unique Clock Design
  • Functional for Modern Living
  • Additional Controls and Features

Large Timex Modern Digital Style Clock

Timex 75071TA2 13.5" Large Digital Clock with 4The LCD screen is large and bright, making it easy to see no matter where it’s placed in the room. The modern style is pleasing and very subtle as well. It’s easy to hang on the wall and the wall clock is convenient for households everywhere. The digital wall clock comes with a time-control feature and is practical and functional.

Why Choose This wall Clock?

  • AA Battery-Operated
  • Automatically Updates for Daylight Savings Time
  • Versatile with a Folding Stand and Hanging Hole

Timeless INNOCLOCK Modern Digital Wall Clock

INNOCLOCK - Most Advanced Calendar Day Digital Clock - Large, Clear, Unabbreviated Time and Date - Ideal for Memory Loss, Impaired Vision and Seniors (Black, 8-inch)With clean lines and a simple style, this digital wall clock is a stunner. You’ll be able to spot the time no matter where you are in the room. It shows the day, date, month, and year, along with the time but can be removed to just show the current time. The large font numbers are finished in white ensuring you can spot the time anywhere in the room. The clock’s style is smart and elegant. While the design is very simple it’s modern and can be hung easily on the wall. There are alarm and dimmer features; and the wall clock is reasonably priced as well.

Why Choose This Timepiece?

  • Smart Modern Wall Hanging Design
  • Easy To Use Clock
  • No Ticking To Distract You

Grandfather Wood Wall Clock with Chime

Wall Clocks: Grandfather Wood Wall Clock with Chime. Pendulum Wood Traditional Clock. Makes a Great Housewarming or Birthday Gift (Oak)This grandfather wall clock comes in Walnut Color. Its color will easily complement the other furniture in the house. Primary Material Solid Wood, the pendulum wall clock is beautifully hand carved with an antique look. Like many wall clocks of its kind, it will be an heirloom for generations. Measures 26″ x 11-1/2″ x 4″,

Why Choose This modern pendulum Horloge?

  • Wood/Glass
  • Oak Color
  • Primary Material Solid Wood
  • Swinging pendulum
  • Measures 26″ x 11-1/2″ x 4″
  • Quartz Clock & Chime
  • Automatic Night Shut-off
  • Non Ticking

Mid-century Modern Orion Modern Wall Clock

Infinity Instruments Orion 30 Inch Walnut Mid-Century Modern Starburst Wall ClockThis is a beautiful modern wall clock. The starburst style is finished with walnut wood -and the clock is eye-catching. This wall clock has a lovely classic 60’s design and is wall mountable. While the clock has a larger frame, it’s light. The Quartz movement is quiet and will look a treat on any wall.

Why Choose This Clock?

  • Unique Starburst Style
  • Dial Frame Finished In Gold
  • Affordably Priced

LED Modern Word Wall Clock

LED Word Clock - Displays Time as Text - Powered by AC Adapter (8Want an alternative to a pendulum clock? This beautiful wall clock is the ideal solution. It’s smart, sleek, and very modern. Instead of the traditional clock numbers, you have them written down and it’s very smart. The clock’s design is truly different from most others and that’s the most appealing trait with it. It’ll become a focal point in your household and can look smart hanging on the wall too.

Why Choose This Horloge?

  • Uniquely Designed
  • Numbers Are Brightly Illuminated
  • Wall Mountable

The Modern Marathon Jumbo Digital Wall Clock

Marathon Slim Jumbo Auto-Set Atomic Digital Wall Clock with Temperature, Date, Humidity, 4 Time Zone, Auto DST, Self Setting, Self Adjusting, Batteries Included (Walnut Wood Tone)This digital wall clock is fantastic. There is a simple design to it but that makes it an impressive clock. The 24-hour display is bright and also shows the current temperature and the date and month underneath. The clock is also self-adjusting so that’s a pleasant feature to have.

Why Choose This Timepiece?

  • Jumbo Display
  • atomic time
  • Ultra-Thin
  • Easy To Use

The Stainless Steel Ribbon Umbra Clock

Umbra, Stainless Steel Ribbon Modern 12-inch, Battery Operated Quartz Movement, Silent Non Ticking Wall ClockIf you want a clock to hang on your wall, this might be the ideal option. This ribbon-shaped clock is made from strong stainless steel and creates a minimalist feel. The style is unique but functional and the red clock hands reflect well against the dial face. When this hangs on your wall, it’ll look like artwork. It’s beautiful and unique.

Why Choose This Horloge?

  • Details Are Spot On
  • The Ribbon Layer Effects Look Beautiful When Hanging on the Wall
  • Good Value for Money

Metal and Wood Analog Pinwheel Modern Clock

A.Cerco Designer Wooden and Metal Analog Movement 12.9The pinwheel wall timepiece is a lovely example of modern mid-century design. If you hang this on your wall, it’ll become a talking point. The pinwheel wooden frame pieces are finished with colorful retro-style balls. It has a wonderful space theme and is silent too. Put the clock on the wall and it’ll show great elegance.

Why Choose This Horloge?

  • Futuristic Space Design
  • Easy Installation on Any Wall
  • Looks Lovely When Hung

Modern Red Glass Wall Clock

Bernhard Products Red Glass Wall Clock 12 Inch Decorative Silent Non Ticking Quality Quartz Battery Operated Round Large Unique Modern Design for Home Kitchen Living Room Bedroom Bathroom or OfficeA modern clock that’ll look stunning on any wall; these clocks will amaze and impress. When the clock is hanging on your wall, the red tempered glass frame is beautifully contrasted with silver reflective numbers. The Quartz mechanism ensures the clock operates silently and compliments your decor well.

Why Choose This Horloge?

  • Functionality
  • Beautifully Finished Gloss Red
  • Simple Round Design With A Modern Numbers Theme

Classic Oversized Ball Wall Clock

Howard Miller Ball Wall Clock II 625-527 – Oversized Retro Classic with Quartz MovementDespite the retro-feel, this modernized wall clock is breathtaking. The nickel frame stands at a massive 42-inches (diameter) and is topped with circular balls finished in black satin. Wall clocks such as these will add to your home’s decor. The clock would look nice above the living room mantel or in the kitchen. The dial hands are oversized but ensure the time is readable. Fast delivery is also an option for this wall piece.

Why Choose This Timepiece?

  • Colors are Contrasted Well
  • Battery-Operated
  • A Real Piece of Art for your Walls

Unusual Art Deco Wall Clock

Statements2000 Contemporary Abstract Silver and Purple Metallic 3D Wall Clock - Modern Functional Hand-Crafted Home Decor Wall Art - Noble Spell by Jon Allen - 38-inchA wall clock without a unique feature isn’t worth talking about and this clock certainly has that. It’s actually created by three pieces of aluminum brought together to design this unusual clock. You can hang it on your wall as a clock or as a decorative piece of art. It can even be used in the office. That’s the beauty of this modern piece.

Why Choose This Horloge?

  • A Lovely Modern Design
  • A Decorative Piece
  • Clean Lines

Unusual Silver Moving Wall Clocks

SevenUp Large Silver Wall Clock Silent, 26" x 22With an unusual gear-themed design, this wall clock is unique in every which way. However, it is also a modern clock that shows the beauty and elegance in this stripped-back piece. While it doesn’t look like a traditional clock, it is functional and very pretty. The outer gear shows the current time with two smaller internal gears that show the month and date. All gears rotate and the silver finish with the black numerals is excellent.

  • A Simply Stunning Design
  • Feels Modern
  • Easy to Hang on the Wall

Gold Urchin Modern Wall Clock

Stilnovo G133719GOLD Urchin Clock-Gold, Pack of 1Sporting a great mid-century style with a sea urchin-inspired design, this beautiful clock hits all the right notes. The framework is made up of thin, metallic spokes and they really ensure the design flows. It looks smart and the Quartz movement ensures zero ticking noise. The wall clock operates with a battery and can look very attractive on any wall.

Why Choose This Clock?

  • Unique Design
  • Smart Finish
  • Fast Delivery Available

Silent Unusual Art Deco Wall Clock

Haoun Modern Metal Wall Clock 20 Inch,Silent Non Ticking Wall Clock Large Decorative for Living Room Bedroom Office Decor - GoldThe traditional round clock design is stretched somewhat creating an unusual star-like effect. The art deco wall frame is cute and practical for modern homes. Battery-operated, the clock is surprisingly light. Maintaining this clock is easy and can finish any wall off beautifully. Fast shipping is available and it’ll become an interesting talking point in your home.

Why Choose This Horloge?

  • Easy to Hang on Any Wall
  • Gold Finish
  • Easy to Read

Non-Ticking Modern HITO Wall Clock

HITO Silent Wall Clock Non Ticking 10 inch Excellent Accurate Sweep Movement Glass Cover, Modern Decorative for Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom, Bedroom, Office (Gray)With a Quartz movement, this gorgeous wall clock is silent but pleasant. It offers a simple dial with standard numerals (that are jazzed up). This clock offers a simple design with a simple finish but it’s clean and appealing. These wall clocks have a pop art feel that’s fun and playful.

Why Choose This Wall Clock?

  • Affordable
  • Fast Delivery Available
  • Beautifully Modern Design

Karlsson Modern Clean Clock

Present Time Karlsson Wall Clock Mr. White Numbers Steel Polished, 20-InchThis is a beautiful and very traditional modern clock. Made by Karlsson, it’s simply made but very stunning. It has lots of clean lines and the modern style is fresh and appealing. The traditional numbers and easy to see clock dial are nice too. The clock looks sleek and professional. And, is ideal for homes and offices alike.

Why Choose This Timepiece?

  • Modernly Designed
  • Affordable Price
  • Fast Shipping Available

LED Digital Clock by Kwanwa

KWANWA Digital LED Wall Clock with 3'' Large Display Battery Operated/Powered Only - BlackDigital is incredibly popular because of how versatile it is. This digital LED clock is stunning and the time is very easy to read. It is simply designed but has the charm and appeal that’ll draw you in. Interestingly enough, it isn’t battery-operated but rather works via an AC adapter. That’s useful and may save on battery costs too.

Why Choose This Wall Clock?

  • Red Backlight is Subtle
  • Rectangular Frame Design Looks Sleek
  • Wall Mountable

Glass Cover, Moving Gears Clock

Maple's 12-Inch Moving Gear Wall Clock, Glass CoverThe clock sports an interesting design. The gears feel very modern but the round clock feels traditional. And, there are lots of clean lines to enjoy. Since the gears are made from plastic, they are hardwearing and durable. The four main numbers are easy to spot with line markers to highlight the remaining numbers. It’s silent with the Quartz movement also.

Why Choose This Wall Clock?

  • Sleek Designs
  • The Red Second Hand Contrasts Well with the Clock Hands
  • Elegantly Finished

Normann Copenhagen Watch Me Wall Clock, Green 11"Colorful Watch Me Wall Clocks

This modern piece is a stunning example of what modern designers have to offer. The clock is made up of rectangular shapes to form the dial and finished in a variety of colors. This is quite contemporary and has an art deco feel to it as well. It’s functional, practical, and very stylish. This is definitely a modern wall clock.

Why Choose This Timepiece?

  • Lovely Use of Green Shades
  • Finished to a High Standard
  • Modern Contemporary Design

Where to Buy Wall Clocks?

Amazon is quite a popular choice to buy wall clocks; however, there are lots of outlets to look at. For instance, you can shop online – and there are many stores, including Amazon and Wayfair – but you may also shop offline. Where to buy a wall clock depends on what sort of clock you want. If you want a custom-made clock, it might be easier to find online rather than in a local store. Then again, you may just want a nice modern clock and you might be lucky to pick one up in a local store.

Final Thoughts

A modern wall clock can finish your home nicely. All of the above clocks are lovely and can make your home look good. Modern wall clocks can be unusual at times but simplistic too and that’s why they’re so versatile. Find the right item for your home.

Best Modern Atomic Wall Clocks

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