Choosing a kids wall clock can be deceptively difficult. You want something that is age-appropriate but likable. and, you want something fun. The great thing about clocks for kids is that they can be full of character, educational, and appealing to children of all ages. There are lots of smart bedroom clocks to choose from, including Disney-inspired themes, beloved cartoon character clocks, educational, and ones for older children. So, which wall clock is ideal for your kids, and what to look for when buying a clock?

Top Tips to Order a Wall Clock

Here are a few tips you may want to think about when buying wall clocks kids.

  • Reviews

How many stars have the clocks received during their feedback? Whether you’re buying a clock for a kid’s room or the classroom, it should be a quality piece. You need to read reviews and read as many reviews as you can to find the best wall clocks. Reviews can influence which you buy so don’t forget about them. Even if you didn’t want to read dozens, just a few reviews may make the difference. Also, if the clock has more stars on its feedback that might be a sign it’s a quality timepiece.

  • Order Dispatch and Shipping Times

Shipping times aren’t always given much thought but it’s an important point to consider when buying a new clock. Few customers take notice of shipping times; however, if it’s to be a gift or just don’t want to wait long, you should consider the shipping time. Fortunately, most stores will offer a fairly quick dispatch and shipping time. You can narrow your options down during your searches by looking at the dispatch and shipping times. Like reviews, you should get to know these things.

  • The Price of the Clock

Clocks and their prices can vary greatly. Costs can depend on the actual size of the timepiece, along with their shape, and how they’re finished. Price mightn’t seem important but this always comes into play. Searches will yield quite a few options and it can get overwhelming. Comparing costs may help you narrow the options down and find the right kid’s wall clock too.

  • The Materials Its Made From

Wall clocks are often constructed from a wide range of materials. For instance, clocks can be made from wood, plastic, glass, and even polymer resin. And, they can be finished in a range of colors too. Some can be made to order and personalized with stars, cartoon characters, and names. While your searches can come up with a host of results, you may want to consider a wall clock that’s specially made for your child.

Disney’s Cars Kids Clock

Umbra, Stainless Steel Ribbon Modern 12-inch, Battery Operated Quartz Movement, Silent Non Ticking Wall ClockMade from wood, this beautiful wall clock is ideal for the kid’s bedroom. There is no glass covering to worry about and is super easy to install. Its battery-operated and offers a silent, non-tick mechanism. The cartoon characters printed on the clock face are charming and will appeal to kids who love the film series. Clocks like these are ideal for any room and fast shipping is available.

Advantages of the clock

  • Great for Boys or Girls
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Hang on the Wall

Silent Firefighter Educational Kids Clock

Telling Time Teaching Clock - Kids Room, Playroom Décor Analog Silent Wall Clock. Great Visual Learning Clock Time Resource. Perfect Educational Tool for Homeschool, Classroom, Teachers and Parents.This kid’s wall clock will look a treat. The firefighter-theme is smart and will appeal to younger children, boy or girl. This is one of the best options for younger children and is well presented. The large Arabic numbers are easy to read and the light blue colors work well. It works with one AA battery also.

Advantages of the Kid Clocks

  • Educational
  • Silent Sweeping Clock Hands
  • Quartz Movement Ensures Accuracy

Numbered Stars Educational Wall Clock

EasyRead Time Teacher Analog Learn The Time Children’s Wall Clock #ERTT-DIGKid’s wall clocks don’t look any smarter than this. The clock is made from plastic and the frame is finished in gloss white. The stars on the clock face are brilliant and make learning a little more interesting for kids. The Arabic numbers are easy to read and the 24 and 12-hour formats make it easier for kids to learn to read the time. It’s a cute clock and the array of colors is bright and appealing.

Advantages of the clock

  • Simple Design
  • Shows the 24 and 12-hour Formats
  • Bright Colors To Highlight The Numbered Stars

Unicorn Silent Ticking Pink Wall Clock

ALAZA Cute Unicorn with Rainbow Stars Round Acrylic Wall Clock, Silent Non Ticking Oil Painting Home Office School Decorative Clock ArtThese clocks for kids are cute and educational. The battery-operated Quartz movement ensures precise time and has a non-ticking feature. The pink unicorn with a rainbow in the background is an adorable design. While it may be aimed at young girls, any child would love it. Add it to the wall of your kid’s room at home and they’ll love it. There’s fast shipping available and it’s one of the best too.

Advantages of the clock

  • Cute Unicorn Design
  • Ideal for any Home with Kids
  • Easy To Hang on the Wall

Square Sesame Street Wall Clock

Dwi24isty Classic Wood Clock, Non Ticking Clock Sesame Street - Sesame Squad Square Wall Clock 15 Inch Decorative Clock for Kitchen Living RoomThe classic Sesame Street character theme is fantastic and the color scheme is beautiful. This wall clock will make any room stand out and is ideal for any home with kids. It’s cute but smart. Made from wood, this wall clock is a lovely decorative item. The clocks kids are battery-powered and offer fast shipping too.

Advantages of the clock

  • Non-Ticking
  • Bright Colors Enhance Each Character
  • Easy To Read Numbers

Classic Wall Cuckoo Kids Clock

Advantages of the clock

  • Classic Cuckoo Clocks Theme
  • Volume Can Be Adjusted For Convenience
  • Stunning Sky Blue Finish

Mark Feldstein Peanuts Christmas Linus and Lucy Song Cuckoo ClockThis kid’s wall clock is simple yet effective. The blue color is fresh and eye-catching. These clocks deserve five stars because they’re so beautifully crafted. They have a simplicity about them that appeals to kids and adults alike. Made from ABS plastic, this wall clock sports a smart cuckoo design with large Arabic numbers. Order this and hang on your wall in little time.

Purple Stars Wood Wall Clock

Promini Purple Starry Sky Stars Moon Wooden Wall Clock 15Inch Silent Battery Operated Non Ticking Wall Clock Vintage Wall Decor for Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, School, or OfficeBattery-powered, the stars clock is beautiful. The purple color to the clock face is well finished with the silver and white stars dotted around the numbers. And, the black hour and minute hands are well contrasted against the lavender purple color. Ideal for any kid’s room, this wall clock is charming. Made from wood, the stars clock uses a silent sweeping movement to ensure zero ticking sounds. And, fast shipping is available.

Advantages of the clock

  • Light But Easy to Hang on the Wall
  • Finished to a High Standard
  • Suitable for any Room in the Home or Classroom

Bright Color Educational Kids Wall Clock

CIGERA 12 Inch Educational Wall Clock for Kids with Silent Movement and 3D Numerals,Great Learning Clock for Kids,Nice Wall Decor for Classroom, Playroom and Kids Bedroom,WhiteThis educational kid’s wall clock is one of the best you’ll order today. It’s smart and offers a useful, if not simple, ways for kids to learn to read the time. The white frame color is brightened with the colorful numbers which tell the difference between ‘past the hour’ and ‘to the hour’. The clocks educational and there’s no glass element to worry about. That has been replaced with an acrylic lens. Read reviews and find out what others have to say about this stunning wall clock.

Advantages of the clock

  • A Simple Color Chart For Each Number Section
  • Shatter-Resistant Lens
  • Good For Kid’s Play Rooms

Bright Wood Smiley Face Wall Clock Kids

The Learning Journey Telly The Teaching Time Clock, Electronic Analog & Digital Time Telling Aid with Two Quiz Modes & Night Light,MultiThis kid’s wall clock is deceptively simple. The clock kids offer a bright yellow smiley face design to the wooden clock board. It’s easy to hang on the wall and would look cute in any kid’s room. Order this simple clock and you’ll love how the bright yellow looks on your wall.

Advantages of the clock

  • Bright Color
  • Runs Silently
  • Round Clock Face

Vintage Pink Flower kids Wall Clock

PotteLove 12 Inch Silent Vintage Wooden Round Wall Clock Non Ticking Quartz Battery Operated, Pink Tulip Flowers White Numbers Rustic Chic Style Wooden Round Home Decor Wall ClockWhile this clock might be more suited for an older child or teenager, it’s lovely, nonetheless. It’s elegant with the floral design and beautifully finished numbers. Wall clock kids like this are stunning. The color combo is subtle but impressive. And, it’s a nice addition to a room. You can order this for fast shipping and have it hanging on your wall in little time. It does also have good reviews and if you’re buying clocks online, they should always have good reviews. This wall clock kid’s are adorable.

Advantages of the Clock

  • Clock Face is Finished Beautifully
  • A Good Color Combo Of Gray and Pink
  • Elegantly Styled

Hot Air Balloon Kids Wall Clock

3dRose Hot Air Balloon Wall Clock, 10 by 10-InchYour kids will love these wall clocks. The hot air balloon shape is fantastic and the red and cream color combo is beautiful. The clock is ideal for any child’s room and is easy to hang on the wall too. You can hang in the kid’s room or the classroom. The clock is made from acrylic but highly durable. Fast shipping is available, the clock is reasonably priced, and the reviews are impressive too.

Advantages of the clock

  • Great for a Kid’s Room
  • Fast Shipping
  • Uniquely Shaped

Acrylic Dog Wall Clocks with Swinging Tail Pendulum

YHGZ Creative Dog Acrylic Wall Clock with Swing Tail Pendulum for Living Room Bedroom Kids Room Kitchen and Home Décor - Battery Not Included,BlackThe clock has style in abundance. The classic dog-shaped clock will appeal to most kids and is finished to a high standard. The simple black color finish to the clock is smart and the white numbers are contrasted well. The kid’s wall clock swinging dog tail pendulum is impressive and works for any room too. Clocks like these are cute and have great customer reviews.

Advantages of the clock

  • Cute Animal Design
  • A Great Decorative Piece for the Kids Room
  • Fast Shipping

Dinosaur Silent Kids Wall Clock

Trend Lab Dinosaur Volcano Wall Clock, Silent, Battery OperatedWall clocks like these are cute and inviting. The dinosaur print is finished to a high standard and the clock face is printed on the egg. It’s easy to read and the baby dinosaur pendulum is a nice addition. The kid’s wall clock can be customized.

Advantages of the clock

  • Cute Dinosaur Theme
  • Customized Wall Clock
  • Silent Ticking

Swan Kids Wall Clock

1PC Swan Wall Clock PVC Cartoon Hanging Clock Interior Home Decor Silent Baby Room Wall ClockThis kid’s clock will appeal to children of all ages. These wall clocks are finished to a high standard and look adorable when hanging on a wall. The wall clock sports an easy to read clock face and operates silently. Shipping can be quick and you can have this hanging on your kid’s wall in little time. Clocks like these are stunningly beautiful.

Advantages of the clock

  • Elegant Swan Design
  • Hand-Painted Finish
  • Completely Silent

Pink Pineapple Kids Wall Clocks

ALAZA Summer Orange Pineapple Round Acrylic Wall Clock, Silent Non Ticking Oil Painting Home Office School Decorative Clock ArtYou’ll love these Nordic-styled clocks. They are designed with fun in mind and are pleasing on the eye also. The kids will love the fun design. And, the kid’s clock is easy to hang on the wall too. You can hang in a play room or bedroom and can be a fun piece of artwork.

Advantages of the clock

  • Nordic Style Décor Suitable for any Room
  • Silently Operates
  • Fast Shipping Available

Finding the Best Wall Clocks for Kids Buying a kid’s clock is a lot easier than you think. While there are many themes and styles to choose from, a little know-how will make the difference. For instance, researching the shipping costs and dispatch time would be useful if you’re buying the clock as a gift. What’s more, if you’re buying wall clocks for a specific room, the color needs to be considered as well. You may want to match the clock’s color to the color in the child’s play room or bedroom. And, reviews are also useful. So, take the time to find the best wall clocks for kids.

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