One of the most popular clocks is the Patek-Philippe wall clock. Clocks should match your home’s decor and fit in with the other accessories too. The great thing about wall clocks is that their styles and designs range significantly. This is a name that inspires elegance and their clocks offer many different styles too. Practical and functional, the Patek Philippe timepieces are the ones you want hanging on your walls.

Unfortunately, a wall clock, like all watches, can be easily faked or replicated. Fake timepieces look nice and may even convince you they’re the real deal. Some pay top price for them as well, but, they’re not actually worth it. Counterfeiters are able to replicate a clock so much so that even the experts struggle to identify the genuine from the fake. So, how to identify a fake Patek Philippe timepiece?

The Weight and Condition of the Item

What you might not be aware of is that Patek Philippe timepieces are made from stainless steel, gold, or platinum and that means they’re fairly weighty. Sometimes, the weight of the timepiece, especially a watch, will tell you all you need to know. If an item is too light, it’s unlikely to be genuine. Of course, a world time wall piece can be heavy at the best of times so that doesn’t always determine a replica. Instead, you have to look at the bigger picture. For instance, how the item is made and how it is finished.

For example, an outlet advertises a Patek-Philippe time wall piece and says it can be delivered from Puerto Rico with free shipping. The stock order process is simple and the price seems reasonable. And, the delivery time is within 10-days. Seems good; unfortunately, the condition of the item is pretty substandard. That may be an indication the item is not a genuine piece but rather a poor replica.

The Quality of the Patek Philippe

It’s essential to check the quality of the piece, especially if you’re paying a higher asking price. Let’s say you found a retailer in the United States of America that offered buyer protection for a Patek- Philippe clock. The stock order process was easy and the price was fairly substantial. The condition of the clock looks good and delivery is within 7-days. And, the retailer only requires your delivery address to get free shipping. You’re probably tempted but what about the quality of the item? Do the materials match the original specifications? And, what’s the stock order process like?

Just because you’re buying a wall clock with a higher price tag, maybe even in your local area, doesn’t guarantee a genuine timepiece. It doesn’t matter if you buy from the United States of America, China, or Europe, sophisticated replicas exist. You have to look at the quality of the materials used to determine its authenticity. The finish on the metal (and item in general) must be luxurious. These clocks are polished to create a sheen polish and showcase a luster finish. If there are dull marks or spots, it’s unlikely the piece is genuine.

Take this Calatrava Dealer Showroom Wall Clock by Patek Philippe as an example.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Black Dial Dealer Showroom Wall ClockCredit image:

This beautiful time wall clock is a stunning piece. The dealer showroom clock will look fantastic on your wall. It’s an exclusive piece – made for dealer showrooms only – and is entirely unique. Crystal glass covers the dial and the finish on the metal framework is exceptional. It works with an AA battery and has a beautiful Quartz movement. The 12-inch diameter is large enough to read anywhere in the room. There’s plenty of stock order and delivery can be fairly quick too. It’s a stunning example of a Patek Philippe clock.

Compare Known Examples of Genuine Timepieces

Study the wall clock carefully and inspect the finer details on the dial. Look at how the roman numerals are spaced and check for simple spelling errors. You wouldn’t think counterfeiters would make such mistakes but sometimes they do. Philippe might be misspelled or even Patek so you should look at these things closely.

Let’s say you were interested in a Cartier 925 argent watch, you wouldn’t rush in if the price or the condition weren’t up to par. It’s the same with a Patek Philippe clock; you wouldn’t rush in just because the style reminded you of Steven Bush, Frank T, or Martin Larochelle. You’d compare the condition of the dial, the numbers, and the hands to known genuine clocks. Even if you spotted a Patek Philippe with auctioneers in Cleveland Ohio, you still should check on the authenticity before you bid on it.

Consider the Costs and Who’s Selling the Patek-Philippe Wall Clock.

Everyone wants a bargain and free delivery to boot, but there are some bargains that are a little too unbelievable. Let’s say a seller has a thousand Patek Philippe wall clocks available to stock order. The seller offers bulk buys or wholesale stock orders also. That’s a red flag and you’re best walking away. Remember, these are exclusive pieces which mean bulk buy stock order is difficult unless you go directly to the manufacturer. Even then, only authorized dealers can stock order these.

What’s more, if the price for a world time wall clock is at a fraction of what others are asking, that should raise an eyebrow or two. Rock-bottom prices are great but a genuine Patek Philippe is an exclusive item and isn’t going to cost $20. You have to be careful of the price, as much as the seller, even if you’ve purchased from them previously. Genuine Patek Philippe clocks will have a high-end price tag, although, some authorized sellers may offer a discount on delivery if you spend over a certain amount. What’s more, most will want to confirm your delivery address and use insured postage or signed for delivery. This reduces their risks if they ship the item to you.

Patek Philippe wall clockCredit image:

Always Seek the Advice of a Reputable Watchmaker

Whether you’re buying a Cartier 925 watch or a Patek Philippe timepiece, it’s essential to have the item examined by a professional. A reputable watchmaker will be able to determine whether you have a genuine product or a replica. And, it’s a simple way to know if the price is reasonable.

These tips might also help you to find a genuine timepiece.

  • What Materials Were Used To Make It
  • Does The Quality Reflect The Age
  • The Finish On The Clock

Final Thoughts

A Patek Philippe wall clock can be a showstopper in your home. It can offer beauty, elegance, and style. With many to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. And, they should be treasured like a great Cartier watch or a Rolex timepiece. Love your wall clock Patek Philippe and bring some beauty to your home.