A Breitling wall clock is a wonderful showstopper. Breitling is one of the world’s leaders in watch manufacturing and offers the most exclusive watches also. Their timepieces are luxurious and made with the finest Swiss craftsmanship possible. Breitling’s famed chronographs have helped establish their reputation and ensure they’re easily recognizable. Breitling can rival a wall clock Rolex model because of their beauty and elegance, not to mention how exclusive they are.

Unfortunately, there are replicas floating around the market. If you want to buy a genuine Breitling wall clock, it’s essential for you to spot a fake one. So, how can you determine a genuine from a replica?

Check for Simple Spelling Errors

Like a Rolex wall clock, every attention to detail has gone into a Breitling clock. While it is often overlooked, simple spelling errors can tell all you need to know about a timepiece. For instance, ‘Brietling’ is engraved on the top part of the dial. Notice the ‘I’ before the ‘E’; it’s not the right spelling but it can be so easily overlooked and missed. ‘Breitling’ is what you want to see. It’s essential to pay close attention to any words or writing on the clock, even if it looks fine at first glance.

You wouldn’t think – or look – twice at the name but it’ll help determine whether it’s a genuine Breitling wall timepiece or a cheap imitation. And, don’t get caught out by Swiss words either. Since it’s originally a Swiss company, some pieces may have Swiss names on them or may be written in French. You need to look at these for spelling errors because it’s unlikely the manufacturer would get these important details wrong. Compare the item to known genuine timepieces to determine if yours is genuine or fake.

Genuine Breitling Wall Clock

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Incorrect Logos

You’re interested in a dealer display wall clock and to the untrained eye, it looks genuine. The markings are right and it’s made with stainless steel. So, what about the logo? The iconic logo usually will be located towards the top part of the clock and is very unmistakable. It has an anchor lodged between wings or the letter B. If the logo isn’t spot on, it’s possibly a fake. Remember, these logos aren’t badly printed on the wall clock and they certainly aren’t fuzzy or distorted. Like the unmistakable Rolex wall clock logo, the Breitling logo (all rights reserved) is precise and consistent.

Here are a few more things you need to know about the logo.

  • Applied Logos Are Sometimes Used On Genuine Pieces
  • The B Is Always Curved
  • An Anchor Is Sometimes Applied To The Second Hand
  • Sloppy Anchor Designs Don’t Guarantee A Fake, More Research Is Required On Your Part

The Price Is Too Good

Breitling wall clocks are unique because they’re fairly rare and not so easy to find, which means they’re more exclusive. It’s unlikely for a genuine wall clock to be found at a rock-bottom price; if so, it’s a red flag. Of course, that doesn’t guarantee the piece is fake but you have to be extra careful. When the price is too good to be true, there are usually reasons why the price is so low. It’s made tougher when the retailer’s pictures look so convincing.

So you have to do what you can to find out why the price is better than expected. For instance, if you know very little about dealer clocks, it’s essential you find out what their average costs are. Search online for the results or email authorized dealers for assistance. You might be able to figure out if the price is reasonable or far too cheap.

For instance, an outlet in the United States has a ‘one-of-a-kind’ Breitling wall clock listed for $50. And, free shipping is included. That raises an eyebrow over the authenticity of the piece. Instead of rushing to get the bargain of the century, you could use their ‘contact us’ page and email them for more specific details. You could request the clock dimensions and how heavy it is. Whatever response they email back you could use to compare to a genuine wall clock.

Be Careful When Buying Breitling wall clock Online

While this mightn’t help you determine a genuine Breitling from a replica or fake, it’ll help protect your investment. Online auction sites are popular for those searching for an exclusive timepiece as prices may be lower, depending on how many are interested in the item. And, an email address is needed to create an account. You want to join the club and own beautiful dealer clocks (all rights reserved) but rushing in could leave you with a convincing replica.

Instead, you need to look at the people selling the dealer clocks. For instance, if the auction says the clock is being shipped from the US but the seller’s details are listed to an El Salvador delivery address that’s an instant red flag. Shipping costs might also cost more than originally listed, especially if they’re being shipped from overseas.

Breitling Wall Clock

Credit image: amazon.com

So, how to protect yourself when buying dealer clocks?

  • Buy From Specialist Dealers
  • Email the Seller to enquire About The Wall Clock
  • Check The Asking Price with Official Websites

You want to join the club and own an exclusive wall clock but you have to be careful, especially if you aren’t buying directly from the manufacturer. Dealer clocks (rights reserved) are beautiful but there’s an element of risk when buying from an unauthorized seller.

Do Your Research

A basic search online will yield thousands of results and while it might seem time-consuming, it’s the best way to learn about Breitling. The results may enable you to understand the finer points of replicas and distinguishing them from genuine pieces. Like genuine wall clocks Rolex, you’re going to pay top dollar for Breitling wall clocks. You want to ensure it’s not a replica. You wouldn’t want to spend money on Rolex wall clocks only to find they’re not real.

You have to look at all of the little things even whether the clock runs on an AA battery or has a sweeping movement. Before you join the club of owning an exclusive timepiece you have to do your homework. This means writing an email to experts and asking them for more details. If you want to buy from a seller, email them through their ‘contact us’ page and know the specific product details.

Creating a Wonderful Indoor Space

A wall clock can finish your home’s interior décor wonderfully and a Breitling can add more elegance. These clocks are beautiful because they are so delicately made and offer precision. Spotting a fake from a genuine piece is essential for any enthusiast who wants to add one to their home. A Breitling wall clock will become the focal point in any room.

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