How to Design a Retro Style Smoking Room

An antique smoking table can be one of the most important aspects of a smoker’s room. Creating such a room can be incredibly useful for those who love to smoke and have a private space of their own. Designing a vintage or retro room can make it so much more interesting. Of course, you can’t have a smoker’s room without a smoker’s table and there are lots of smoking antiques to choose from.

Designing a smoker’s room is the perfect retreat for smoking enthusiasts. You don’t need to worry about leaving smoke stains on the walls or letting the tobacco scent sink into the fine antiques around the home. The best thing about a smoker’s room is that it inc your personal touch. You can add whatever precious antiques or personal touches you like and can have a beautiful smoker’s table as a focal point. This can be a room just for you.

So, how to design and create a retro smoking room?

Choose a Room with Plenty of Ventilation

Before you choose a new smoker’s table, it’s time to find a suitable room to convert to the smoking room. However, this needs to be somewhere that offers good ventilation. A lot of people don’t think about such things when designing or creating their smoker’s room but it’s important, nonetheless. There’s nothing worse than a smoker’s room with zero ventilation. Ideally, it needs to have a window, whether or not you plan to use air purifiers. 

A spare room might be a suitable room to convert. However, whichever room you choose, it needs to be big enough to hold at least one chair and a smoker’s table. 

What Furniture Should You Include In The Room?

If you want a true retro-styled smoker’s room, you have to ensure the right furniture is added. So what should you buy? Wingback chairs were a firm favorite, so it would be a good idea to start with these to design your retro smoker’s room. Depending on the size of the room, you might be able to squeeze some vintage leather couches and antique occasional tables. Of course, you’ll have a smoking stand or table somewhere too.

Okay, so these may not sound the most appealing but they can look wonderful. You just have to find the right vintage furniture. Remember, the smoker’s rooms were predominately used by males so masculine furniture is more in line with the retro feel. Adding a few antique pieces will add style to your room. Do you know what a banker’s lamp looks like? These vintage lamps were often seen in a smoker’s room and you might want to source one – if you can. If not, consider a tall brass standing lamp or a 70’s-inspired floor lamp.

Walls and Floors

While you might not initially like the idea of cheesy wallpaper from the 1970s, it’s worth considering so you get an authentic feel inc with your smoker’s room. If you want a genuine retro-inspired smoker’s room, consider decorating the walls with dark wallpaper or paint. You could paper the walls with one of those vintage designs that make your eyes water! Or, you could paint the smoking room with dark colors such as navy or burgundy; if you don’t like those, opt for a dark avocado green! 

Retro rooms often sported wood paneling; however, it’s not the smartest or safest option to use in your smoker’s room. It’s far better to look at vintage wallpapers that inc the retro 70s feel. Ideally, you want to avoid light paints and wallpapers because they can quickly turn a shade of yellow. This happens because of the smoke and as a result, you may need to repaint every few months. Of course, it doesn’t help your antiques either! 

For your flooring, you may want to consider hardwood. Hardwood flooring works well in most homes and can look wonderful in a smoker’s room. If you already have this, you could add a new stain and give it a new and improved look. However, dark carpeting would be useful if you aren’t sure about having wood flooring. Or you could spice up your room with some vintage or antique rugs.



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Add a Humidor

No antique smoker’s table would be complete without a humidor. Some vintage tables will come with a built-in humidor and can be ideal, to say the least. If you’re a smoker, you’ll want one of these and a retro-styled smoking room won’t be complete without one! The humidor is a temperature-controlled system that’s housed within the smoking table. It protects the tobacco and prevents it from being spoiled. 

Ideally, your best move would be to buy a smoking stand or table with a built-in humidor. Of course, you don’t need to use this, not if you don’t want to, but it can be beneficial. Antique humidors have room to store tobacco, cigars, and cigarettes, along with many other smoking accessories. Some antique humidors inc built-in ashtrays. 

Add an Antique Smoking Table

The most important aspect for your retro smoker’s room is, of course, the smoking table. So, what’s a smoking table? Well, the table is something like a lean-to table. Vintage smoker’s tables are tall, made from wood, and often square-shaped. It is scratch and heat resistant and allows smokers to store cigarettes, lighters, cigars, and an ashtray, and much more. It’s quite similar to a smoker’s stand; however, this is more modern. It consists of a basic metal or wooden stand that holds an ashtray. 

Both can be extremely useful, depending on the type of piece you want to add to your room. Choosing a table isn’t as difficult as you might think; however, you want an antique so it fits in with the room. Antiques can set the tone of the room and there are lots of antique tables and knick-knacks to inc. You could always look for a table that has an ashtray inc. 

An antique table doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, not if you look in the right places. What’s more, you may want to consider restoring antiques for your smoker’s room. A restored vintage smoker’s table can be a wonderful centerpiece for the room and it’ll have a story behind it. Of course, if you don’t want to restore antiques you don’t have to, but, it’s a project you might enjoy.  

Is The Table An Antique Or A Repo? 

You have to be careful when you search for an antique table, especially a smoker’s table. Some tables offer a beautiful antique or vintage look but were made in the 1990s. Then, there are others which have been made back in the 1800s and you’d think were recently made. Sometimes, genuine antiques require minor restoration to get them back into a half-decent condition. Those require a lot of work and whether you take on a project of that magnitude depends on whether you’re able to do so.

Of course, you can buy a vintage table that remains in good condition and doesn’t require any work. If you’re lucky enough, you could even pick up a bargain in the process. In reality, you have to be careful with vintage or antique tables because you can be fooled by a quality reproduction made to look like a vintage table. 

  • Condition

As said, a smoker’s table can be made to look like an antique and some manufacturers offer reproductions that will be good enough to fool you. So, you want to look past all that. Look at the condition of the table and, more precisely, the wood. How does the table feel when you run your hands over it? Is it smooth? Does it have imperfections?

In reality, you want to see imperfections because it’s often a sign it was handmade or partly handcrafted. Anything before 1860 is ideal because that was when the industrial revolution took place and where most things were manufactured via machine. So, you’re looking for signs that the wood has aged organically (naturally) and not forced.

  • Are There Any Names Or Manufacturers Markings?

Manufacturers probably put their stamp, somewhere, on the table, whether it was made in the 20th century or the 16th. Those are the things you need to look for because it’ll help determine if the smoker’s table is a genuine antique or an imitation. So, look over the entire table closely and look to see if there are any indications where the table was made and who by.

  • Machine Made?

Antiques are considered more valuable when they’ve been made by hand. However, some smoker’s tables have been made after 1860 (the industrial revolution) and that means is partially machine-made. That doesn’t make them worthless but they may not be as valuable as some of the earlier pieces. If you want a genuine antique that is pre-industrial revolution, you have to look at how it was made. Look for tool marks and signs and that’ll help determine if you have a genuine table.

  • Always Inspect The Machine

Lastly, look at the table as a whole. Look at the style and whether it matches the era it’s supposed to be from. Consider how it was made and the type of look it has. Sometimes, you need to examine the piece from an unbiased view and do your research. Gut instincts can help, but of course, it does help to know what to look for in an antique.

Love Your Smoking Room

Smoker’s rooms are great because they can ensure you have a place to call your own. These rooms are especially useful if there are only one or two smokers in the household. Designing a retro smoker’s room can be easy and doesn’t cost a lot of money either. Buying an antique smoker’s table can be a great addition and will make the room even more special.