An Omega wall clock is one of the most beautiful products you can have in your home. Omega clocks are special because they’re some of the oldest watch and clock manufacturers the world has ever known. And, they rival wall clocks Rolex too. Omega clocks can become a focal point in the home and offer some of the most innovative pieces as well. These timepieces showcase beauty, class, and elegance. So, what are the benefits of buying an Omega wall clock, and what should you consider when buying one?


Omega is a premium (and luxury) brand. It has an amazing reputation worldwide and their timepieces are greatly sought after, even though they’re often more expensive than their closest rivals. However, they’re Swiss-made and exclusive. Celebrities want to join the club and be seen wearing one of these watches. Several stars have been snapped wearing an Omega. James Bond actors, along with famed movie directors, sports stars, and many more, have been spotted wearing one of the exclusive timepieces. There’s such a huge demand for these timepieces and that stretches to their wall clocks as well.

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This is a beautiful timepiece that shows grace, style, and poise. The smart silver chrome finish to the frame is beautiful and the dial designs are lovely. You have a 007 James Bond theme; it’s subtle but appealing. While a wall clock Rolex is a popular choice, the Omega does offer so much too. Why not join the club and own these amazing timepieces? You can buy from any online store and hit the ‘remember me’ feature to stay up-to-date with the latest deals. Create an account and buy a wall clock from New Zealand or South Africa; there are lots of authorized outlets worldwide. It’s AA battery-powered and available to purchase in the USA, Europe, and Hong Kong.

Specialty Designs

There’s no denying that Rolex wall clocks are lovely but there is something very special about Omega that appeals to the wider public. This is a name to be desired and their designs are impressive and offer the most exclusive timepieces too. The price might seem more expensive but that’s not necessarily a negative. A lot of work goes into creating a timepiece and the craftsmanship is second-to-none, including in their Speedmaster Moonwatch. That’s the beauty of this company; their designs are unique in every way possible, especially with this Luminous Silent Sweep wall clock.

Like the Speedmaster Moonwatch, this gorgeous timepiece offers precise timekeeping. The Quartz movement ensures a noiseless sweeping motion meaning there are no ticking sounds. The dial designs of these clocks are just fantastic. There are three pictures of the Earth, the planet Mars, and the Moon, all from a space-eye view. ‘From the moon to mars’ is also stamped on the front of the timepiece. The black background is nicely contrasted with the white line number markers and hands. There is also a Tachymetre on the outer frame.

Retains Its Value

While some are unsure about the asking price for a wall clock, many want to embrace the price for an Omega because of the exclusiveness it brings. The price for these wall clocks is on the high-end scale but people want the best products for their home. People, including those working a 9-to-5 job, want to join the club and own an exclusive timepiece. It’s about saying remember me? Remember me and my beautiful Omega. People want guests to walk into their home and be amazed by the Omega clock hanging on their wall. It’s a conversation starter. And, many retain their value also, like this Constellation Display Wall Clock.

The wall clock is a beautiful and very unique timepiece. The enlarged frame has been carefully etched with traditional roman numerals and they look stunning. The clock face has time markers too and is elegantly finished. The clock face is finished in striking silver with the words, ‘Constellation’ and a star to the front. Like a Rolex wall clock, this Omega display wall clock will become a fantastic focal point in your household. It works with an AA battery and has a silent Quartz movement. Depending on where you purchase this from, you could pay in Singapore dollar too.

The Omega Seamaster Dealer Display Wall Clock

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Like the Speedmaster Moonwatch, this Omega Seamaster Dealer display wall clock is among the best products for your home. Polished metal finishes the clock’s frame and the subtle dial designs are fantastic. The clock is entirely covered with crystal glass and is one of the most unique clocks you’ll ever find today. The Quartz movement is quiet and the clock dimensions are 12x12x3inches. It’s light and very exclusive. The clock dimensions make the item a perfect size for any household too.

These products prove Omega to be an exclusive brand and their unique dial designs continue to impress. These products are exclusive. If you were to purchase online, you only need an email address to get started.

What to Look For In an Omega Clock?

  • High-Quality Finish
  • Quartz Movement
  • A Fair Price

Omega inspires quality and they remain vastly popular. Buying a timepiece deserves careful thought because it’s a big decision for any household. A clock should offer elegance and fit into your home’s interior design. Among the top considerations has to be the amount of space available in your home. For instance, if you have a smaller room with lots of wall hangings, a smaller clock may be more suitable. Also, you may want to consider placing the timepiece in another room to avoid over-cluttering the wall.

Large timepieces are ideal for rooms with few other wall hangings. It can become the centerpiece in the room and double as a piece of artwork. While the color of the clock mightn’t seem important, it can determine how well it’ll fit into the room. For instance, a clock finished in dark colors might be hard to distinguish in a room with a dark color scheme.

Love Your Home

A wall clock can become a part of your home. They aren’t just fancy accessories or something that tells the time; they are a crucial part of a room and its Omega decor clocks are beautiful and bold. They are eye-catching with lots of elegance to boot. These wall clocks add the sparkle and charm your home needs.

Some other prestige wall clocks

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