Decorating a home with antiques can be difficult, not to mention stressful. You have many rooms to fill and many options to choose from. Antique tables remain a popular choice and can be among the most important pieces of furniture within a home too. With so many to choose from, such as ‘accent’ and ‘smoking’ tables, it can often leave most buyers confused. So let’s make it easier to understand what each antique table has to offer. The following may enable you to determine which antique table is the right one for your home.

Antique Coffee Tables

Antique coffee tables should be the focal point in any living room or reception area. They’re small but ideal and can be used to hold your coffee and other drinks while you sit back, relax, and enjoy a chat with friends. They work well in front of a sofa or chair so they’re easy-to-reach. Antique coffee tables are beautifully handcrafted to add a unique spin on the finish. Often, they were created with curvature legs and a hidden drawer underneath. The drawer is ideal for holding eyeglasses, notebooks, and other little gems needed. These were often made from solid wood and handcrafted to make each table individual and unique.

Antique Dining Tables

Dining tables offer a classic design. They’re elongated to allow for the maximum number of guests to sit comfortably around. They’re elegant in design and the Victorian era styles are gorgeous while offering a classic feel. Dining tables, as you might’ve guessed, work ideally in the dining rooms or open-plan kitchens. They’re useful as room dividers or separators. Antique dining tables often have a straight-top design with a slightly curved edge for comfort. They’re made from solid oak wood and can make an evening meal more enjoyable. Ideal for hosting dinner parties and soirees, antique tables are built sturdy and will last a lifetime.

Antique Drop Leaf Tables

Drop leaf offers a simplistic design but one which is versatile and practical for modern living. This is a foldable table but has many uses for modern and traditional households. Antique drop leaf tables were made up of three parts – a middle section and two end sections – and when the end sections were folded down, it could be used as a small, rectangular table. When the two end sections were folded up, it created an oval-shaped table. They’re ideal when you require extra place settings for dinner and fantastic for smaller kitchens and pantries. The drop leaf effect appears when the two end sections fold away.

Antique End Tables

Classic or antique end tables (as you might’ve already guessed) usually go at the end of the sofa or lounger and are ideal for living rooms, reception areas, and hallways. If you want to go crazy with them, you can even place them to the side of your favorite chair! These are often designed with simplicity in mind and look absolutely gorgeous. Often circular or square in design, they match the height of the arm rest of the chair or sofa so you can set a cup of coffee or glass down on them. Some contain a little drawer or shelf space and can hold a notepad and pen.

Antique Table Lamps

Don’t be fooled by the name. Despite the name, these antiques have several uses. They’re an ideal work desk and were often used to write letters. They come in all shapes and sizes and were practical on so many levels. However, a table lamp’s main function is to provide a room with sufficient lighting. You place a lamp on top and position it carefully next to your favorite reading spot and you’re good to go. These are functional and practical because they can be great end tables as well as reading and writing desks. Often, they were designed at a medium height so they could offer enough light during a reading session.

Antique Console Tables

Console tables were often used in classrooms and households alike because they were strong and reliable. If you wanted to display decorative pieces or accessories, this would be the ideal way to do so. Big but practical, the console tables have their uses. Standard designs for console tables are trendy and well-crafted for elegance. It can be placed throughout the home, including studies, home offices, and hallways. It can double-up as a work desk or remain as a decorative piece of furniture. It offers a small shelf underneath and drawers for additional storage. It’s sturdy, strong, and won’t let you down when it comes to practicality.

Antique Side Tables

Side tables are similar to end tables and lamp tables. They’re often placed behind a piece of furniture, like a chair or sofa to house a reading lamp or decorative piece. Antique side tables were often tall with an overhanging rectangular design and were very practical for most households. Most come with a small drawer or shelf underneath for extra storage and convenience. You can put a pen and paper for phone messages in the drawer and even have a place to leave a book or paper when you’re finished with it. Side tables can be decorated with a vase, lamp, or even a good place to set your telephone down.

Antique Buffet Tables

Buffet tables are fantastic and extremely practical. Originally, they were designed to store bowls, flatware, dishes, and other such things. They were mainly used in big houses that hosted large dinner parties. Buffet tables weren’t only useful but versatile too. Today, they can be used as a way to store additional dishes and flatware for dinner parties. They’ll fit neatly into any dining room and large open-plan kitchen. However, they’re also practical as additional storage for hallways to keep knick-knacks in. They have lots of drawers and cabinets and will help when it comes to practical storage solutions. You don’t get any better than this.

Antique Drafting Tables

Drafting tables were also known as technical drawing and sketch drafting tables. These are some of the most versatile antiques you’ll ever find. Drafting tables can be used for writing, painting, drawing sketches, creating maps, crafting, and much more. This is the ultimate multipurpose table that also doubles up as a desk. It’s truly unique in every sense and so useful. It can be adjusted through the tilt-top system to suit your height and comfort. This is a wonderful addition to any home office or study and can work for craft rooms, and for those who want a unique piece of history.

Antique Singer Sewing Machine Tables

Gorgeous! These tables were the original home of the sewing machine and were more practical than you can imagine. The singer sewing machine table was ideal for any household because it was used on an almost daily basis. These antiques are almost a two-for-one piece because the sewing machine can be folded away underneath the top part of the table. So, it can double up as a reading or writing desk. Some also had small storage drawers and a cast iron pedal attached. This is the ultimate decorative piece for any reception room and can now even be used as a vanity table or as a crafting station.

Antique Library Tables

Library tables are home in the library! Similar to a pedestal desk (without the pedestal) these tables look the part. They can double-up as a writing desk and is often supported by the simple two-leg design. These were what you’d find in the library in any stately home, however, they can be excellent side or end tables for reception and living room areas. You can use them to keep your books safe while you’re out or can be just a gorgeous decorative piece. They are standard desk height and extremely useful if you want to read or write at the desk. Some even have leather tops for extra comfort.

Antique Marble Top Tables

Marble topped tables are beautifully designed and offer a unique finish to any room. It will be a focal point, but also, a talking point for any household. Place in any living room or reception area and you’ll get visitors admiring its beauty and design. These can be both circular and rectangular in design and were finished with high-quality marble. They can make stunning coffee tables and could be used throughout the home in parlors, porch areas, and reception rooms. Natural in beauty, the marble effect will highlight any room and will make it a beautiful addition. Stunning and very alluring, they’re a winner for all.

Antique Round Tables

Antique round tables were often carved from solid wood and were the ideal side table for tea lovers and coffee enthusiasts. Also thought of as a candle table, they were a firm favorite for many. These were known as a candle table because they were used to hold candles on them during the nighttime. Placed beside beds, these were technically the first nightstands and were highly sought after and very practical. Today, you can use them in the living room or reception room, as well as the bedroom. You can use them as a small coffee or side table. Place it beside your favorite chair and use it as a coffee holder!

Antique Kitchen Tables

Kitchen tables were the corner-stone of any functioning kitchen or busy household! These antique tables were large, sturdy, and made from the thickest wood possible. They were often used in the kitchen to help prepare dinner and even used to sit and enjoy a family meal together. Kitchen tables are ideal for your household, whether big or small, and they’re versatile and sturdy. These can be used as a sideboard in the reception room or even a living room. If you want to be a little chicer, use it in the hallway and put your photos on. Ideally, they’re suited for the kitchen, but, they’re versatile enough to use throughout the home.

Antique Pool Tables

Pool tables have always been a firm favorite of many households and remain just as popular today as ever. These are often found in game rooms, or indeed, in parlors and dens. Pool tables are big but beautiful and are stunning additions to any home. Antique pool tables are often a little more unique than some standard or modern tables. The classic design enabled a fold-over top so that when the table wasn’t being used to play pool it doubled up as a dining table. Often sporting a mahogany design, pool tables are versatile and exciting features. They’re sturdy and very useful for family rooms too.

Antique Telephone Tables

This can be a wonderful conversation starter! Stylish and very unique – you won’t see anything like an antique telephone table again. It’s practical and that’s why it’s so sought after. These tables were designed so that you could sit while on the telephone. The seat attached to the actual table is a very unique touch but one which gets a conversation started. You have a small square desk-like table that can sit the telephone and usually a small drawer or space underneath to hold a note pad and pen. It’ll add style to any hallway or indeed, reception room. It’s a fantastic piece that brings back a sense of class. Styles vary.

Antique Card Tables

How did you guess card tables were built for playing cards on?! These are some of the most wonderfully stylish and unique tables of the Victorian era. While their shapes and sizes varied, they were generally big enough to house at least four card players (usually a favorite for poker players) and were square or circle in design. These can be an ideal addition to any parlor or games room and they work really well as a side table too for bedrooms and living rooms. They’re sturdy and add more style and decoration to any room. You don’t have to be a card player to enjoy the subtlety of these tables.

Antique Dressing Tables

Dressing tables are quite similar to vanity tables. They were widely used by young ladies and women while they dressed for dinner and got ready for bed. Dressing tables were often adorned by oval mirrors (sometimes three) and had lots of drawers to store lotions, creams, and makeup. They were, at times, passed down from mother to daughter and were very beautifully sculpted, especially during the Victorian and Georgian eras. These tables are ideal for any bedroom. You’ll be able to sit in front of it and apply makeup, do your hair, and look fabulous for the day ahead. They will finish a room beautifully.

Antique Entry Tables

Entry tables are stylish, sleek, and very trendy. These are an ideal option for hallways to throw your keys or loose change on the end of the day. Want to divide your open-plan living area? Why not opt for an entry table? You can divide the room up so that you know where one room ends and another begins. The tables are strong, sturdy, and very versatile too. They’re often used as a storage solution for family homes and they can be great at it. You can store lots away, even shoes, in the cabinets while you display your family photos and trinkets on top of the counter.

Antique Sofa Tables

As the name suggests, these are for the ends of the sofa! They’re designed to snugly fit in at the end of the sofa or behind it, depending on the shape of your living room. Usually, they’re long and rectangular so they can sit nicely behind the sofa too. If you want more space, it can be folded so that’s a nice feature to have. Most have a smaller shelf underneath and that can be an ideal place for magazines or newspapers (or a book!). They make excellent room dividers, which is especially useful for open-plan areas. Sofa tables are often used to display ornament and photos.

Antique Bedside Table

Who doesn’t need a trusty bedside table?! These were some of the most popular and important pieces of furniture a bedroom could have. Antique bedside tables often sport a beautiful Victorian-era style to them, with high curved legs and back-to-basics square cabinet and drawer design. They were used to store all the little things you’d need close by for bed and were often used as a lamp table too. They’re practical and quite often, a necessity. You can store all your lotions, creams, books, eyeglasses, and much more. Bedside tables fit neatly to the side of your bed and offer an extra source of storage.

Antique Gateleg Table

Similar to a folding table, gateleg tables are elegant and ideal for any household. They’re long and rectangular in shape when folded up. However, when these tables are folded out, they can create a larger circular-shaped table. Their legs also extend out to make them more stable as the dynamics of the table changes. These make an ideal addition to any dining or kitchen area and you can use them to have dinner or play games on. During dinner parties, they will come in use and when you remove the hinges, the parts fold down and hang vertically. This will make them easier to store too.

Antique Parlor Tables

Often used in parlor rooms, parlor tables are an ideal solution for your home. They can become a focal point in your parlor or games room and are practical because they’re versatile. Parlor tables make great decorative pieces and you can use them even as a bedroom side cabinet. You can place a lamp on them and read all night. Or, you could put them in your living room, next to your favorite chair, and use it as a rest-holder for your cup of coffee. Earlier pieces often come with the large foot claw legs and those are the pieces that give the tables more appeal.

Antique Accent Tables

Accents vary in size and shape but make wonderful additions to the home. These were mostly seen in reception and living room areas because they were used as candle holders. However, they make great key holders too! Okay, so that’s not their sole function, but they do make great storage for your keys (and at least you won’t lose them!). Antique accents are often made with a French overtone and that makes them even more appealing. These can be used in hallways and are tall and thin so they should fit next to any doorway. They’re handy to have and you could also use them as a decorative piece throughout the home.

Antique Butcher Block Tables

Butcher block tables were originally designed and used by – you guessed it – butchers! They were strong, reliable, and durable, not to mention, heavy-duty! These tables have seen the action and were made from solid wood as they were designed to last. Butcher blocks were, essentially, the first chopping blocks butchers (or cooks) had and were widely used in butchers and kitchens. That makes them an ideal choice for your kitchen! They’re strong and ideal to use as extra space to prepare food or to store kitchenware. However, you might find these tables work well as sideboards in your reception room or even your hallway.

Antique Chess Tables

The ever-popular chess tables have been widely sought after for decades and remain some of the most exquisite tables available too. Chess tables are unique because they have an actual chessboard integrated with the design of the table. A chessboard design sits on top of the actual table and they were (and remain) very popular. They’re widely used to play chess and the most popular designs are the square-top tables. Most tables come with two drawers so that the chess pieces can be stored safely alongside the board. It’s a decorative piece, even for those who don’t play chess. It’s a great addition to any games or parlor room.

Antique Drum Tables

As the name suggests, it’s a small round, drum-like table with a tripod or a four-legged stand design. Usually, you’ll find several drawers running around the table, but, there’s a trick to them. Some are real drawers while others aren’t! Dummy drawers make the design of the table very appealing and finish the overall look perfectly. While these aren’t the biggest tables, they do sport a great style. They’re trendy for the right reasons and are an ideal option for living rooms or even a bedroom to use as a side table. These were also known as renters drawers because landlords used to keep their tenant’s accounts in the drawers.

Antique Folding Table

You can’t get a simpler or more useful table than the folding table! This is one of the most versatile and widely sought after tables. Earlier designs were thin and rectangular in shape so they could be stored easily when not in use. When the table is folded out, it transforms into a large oval table that made it perfect for hosting extended dining parties. It was widely used to seat unexpected house guests and can still be used for that purpose. They’re ideal for kitchens and smaller dining rooms but they’re sturdy and can be used to play games on, have dinner, and do a spot of painting or writing.

Antique Smoking Table

Smoking tables were extremely popular for stately homes and those in the upper echelon of society. These are tall tables with sometimes two shelves and a little cupboard for storage. You could store your humidor, along with cigars, cigarettes, ashtray, and much more. They were truly an ideal choice for smokers and were scratch and heat resistant. You could use them as a storage cubby and store your smoking items there (or whatever little trinkets you have). Or, why not use it as a magazine rack? It’ll fit nicely into any parlor and can be a great conversational piece as well.

Antique Bakers Table

Antique baker tables are long, strong, and very versatile. Baker tables have a standard bench-like design, which is actually a great way to maximize the full-length space of the table. Some sport a lower bench underneath the top part (which makes excellent storage space) and others have two or three drawers. Often finished with a classic French design, these tables are well suited for kitchens. They’re ideal for heavy-duty work such as kneading, mixing, and other food prep. These often come with a backsplash to prevent ingredients from falling off. However, these can make an ideal kitchen or dining room furniture.

Antique Claw Foot Tables

Claw Foot tables were first seen in the 1900s and were extremely popular and versatile. The claw foot design represents a bird’s claw holding onto a ball and was very commonly used as occasional tables. These were often the centerpiece of a room with many keeping them near their beds and fireplaces. You could use them as a corner table or beside a chair. These do make great phone and trinket tables and you should consider them. You can put a few photos on the claw-foot tables and use them to keep your coaster to set aside your drinks. Some of the earliest pieces are beautifully designed.

Antique Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are often found in sets of threes or fours, each slightly smaller than the next. They neatly fold away underneath one another, creating a simple table design. Nesting tables are quite versatile and are practical for all sorts of reasons and uses. You can dot them throughout one room or split over two or use them as one coffee table. The choice is yours. They can work well as individual side tables or as one. These often work well in the living room and family dens. Nesting tables are considered as accent pieces and each can be positioned to enhance the finish of the room.

Antique Pedestal Tables

Pedestal tables (as the name suggests) resemble a pedestal and are quite unique in design. These were often referred to as a ‘wine table’. In the early 18th century, they were often used as a place setting for candles. When someone entered a room, they’d go to the pedestal table and set the candle down so it lit the room. These were firm favorites for bedrooms, studies, and hallways and can make a wonderful addition to your home. They’re tall and can be an ideal place to leave your keys at night or to sit a lamp. If you wanted an alternative to a bedside table, a pedestal table could be it.

Antique Tea Tables

Antique tea tables were often half or crescent moon-shaped with curved legs and a locked drawer. They are similar to some folding tables as they can be folded out to create a full circular table. The tilt-top system is excellent and was extremely popular too. This table can make an ideal addition to any reception room. It looks gorgeous and can add more style. Tea tables aren’t just for tea lovers. These are great to use as accent tables in hallways, porch areas, and even in bedrooms. The unique design does make the style even more appealing and it can be used for a variety of reasons.

Antique Corner Tables

As the name suggests, the corner table was a perfect addition to any room and fit into any corner imaginable! This remains a popular choice because it’s compact, versatile, and works for any room, no matter what. Corner tables are ideal for holding decorative vases and ornaments, as well as knick-knacks you want to display. Antique corner tables are traditionally wooden with a smaller shelf towards the bottom to display more trinkets. French art-deco styles were hugely popular and these are similar to accent tables. They can be used anywhere and for many different purposes. You’ll love what they offer a room.

Antique Pub Tables

Antique pub tables are a favorite among many homeowners. These are rectangular or circular in shape and low in height but make ideal side tables. You can store vases or ornaments on them and they do offer a touch more elegance with their unique finishing. Some vintage pieces are handcrafted and a lot of work goes into some of those designs. You can add one to your sitting room or porch area; or if you wanted to, you could use them as a sofa table. Surprisingly, if you wanted to add a new dimension to your living room, you could use a pub table as your coffee table.

Antique Vanity Tables

Vanity tables were also referred to as dressing tables because they were similar in stature and design. Traditional vanity tables were rectangular in shape and often had multiple rows of drawers (usually small ones) to store everything a lady would need to get ready, including perfume and jewelry. It was widely popular. These tables had multiple mirrors attached too so the lady could see what she looked like from all angles. It’s still a popular choice and they work fantastically well in any bedroom. You’ll bring a touch of class and elegance with an antique vanity table – and they’re versatile too!

Choosing the Right Antique Table for Your Home

Antique tables look gorgeous and the right one will make a real difference in your home. The above are some of the most popular types of antiques available. Deciding on a specific table comes down to your home, its style, your likes, and of course, wants. The right table should fit nicely into your home and should complement each room perfectly.