Contemporary wall clocks offer a modern twist on classical designs. They radiate elegance, beauty, style, art, and so much more. People are drawn to these clocks because they look good and vary immensely. Buying wall clocks is easy; you can check out a variety of online stores, such as Amazon, to find a suitable timepiece for your home. And, you don’t need to spend a great deal on them either. So, which wall clocks offer a contemporary feel, and which products should you buy?

The Stainless Steel Umbria Contemporary Silent Wall Clock

Umbra, Stainless Steel Ribbon Modern 12-inch, Battery Operated Quartz Movement, Silent Non Ticking Wall ClockThe Umbria contemporary clock is a beautifully charming timepiece that’ll stun visitors as soon as they walk into your home. This clock wall is 12 by 12 inches and practical for any household. Umbria takes traditional wall clocks to a whole new level and approaches this Stainless Steel with a fresh modern twist. The ribbon design creates a minimalistic feel but it’s functional and practical. Powered by an AA battery, the contemporary wall clocks works well as a living room or kitchen wall clock. It has a subtle stroke length too.

Why Choose This?

  • An Edgy Style To Appease Any Home Decor
  • Chrome Finish
  • Silent Ticking Feature
  • Ribbon Effect

The Oversized Howard Miller Fulton Street Quartz Wall Clock

Howard Miller Fulton Street Wall Clock 625-557 – 36” Black Oversized Gallery with Quartz MovementLike the F26E21 NBC, the Howard Miller Fulton Street clock is one of the most exquisite pieces to hang in your home. The oversized clock face is subtle but gorgeous and creates a useful focal point in any room. Ideally suited for a dining or living room, this Quartz movement clock is a gorgeous piece. The clock features a ‘Fulton Street, Greenway NYC’ inscription on the dial and brings a touch of elegance.

Why Choose This?

  • Subtle Stroke Width
  • Simple Clock Face Design
  • Products Offer an Aged Face Finish

Bernhard Products All-Glass Red Quartz Non-Ticking Round Clock

Bernhard Products Red Glass Wall Clock 12 Inch Decorative Silent Non Ticking Quality Quartz Battery Operated Round Large Unique Modern Design for Home Kitchen Living Room Bedroom Bathroom or OfficeLike the FFF NAA, the Bernhard All-Glass beautiful red silent round clock is a fantastic contemporary wall clock. The oversized numbers are eye-catching and this wall clock oozes quality. The silver mirrored numbers are different sizes, which offer depth, and a simple Quartz movement for accurate time. This wall timepiece has a quiet mechanism and is 12 inches in size. Clocks like these don’t come around often, so you’ll love what they have to offer. It’s a beautiful centerpiece for the home and a nice decorative clock too.

Why Choose This?

  • Products Are Finished In Candy-Apple Red
  • Silver-Reflected Numbers
  • Sleek Design and Finish

Howard Miller Contemporary Wall Clock With Pendulum

Howard Miller Emmett Contemporary Wall Clock 625-514 – Modern & Round with Pendulum & Quartz MovementAs one of the more traditional products, the Howard Miller pendulum clock is a stunner. The long rectangular shape has a nice contrast between the dark wooden backboard and the plate glass cover with chrome stoppers. The silver finish to the pendulum is done to a very high standard and is fairly quiet too. This wall clock is sturdy and well built. For a clock on wall, this offers a NAC NAD feel and is one to adore. The stroke width is easy to see and the clock face is nicely offset between the white background and chrome/silver finish to the clock hands. These clock products look amazing.

Why Choose This?

  • Makes A Wonderful Gift
  • Quieter Ticking For Fewer Interruptions
  • Beautiful Chrome Finish

The 3DRose Zen Nature Clock

3dRose DPP_130524_3 Zen Find Beauty in Simple Things Cream Nature Art Wall Clock, 15 by 15-InchClocks wall such as the 3DRose Zen Nature Clock is a show-stopper. Wall clocks are supposed to be charming and eye-catching and this has that in abundance. The nature theme is a welcomed treat and you won’t find many of these products around. The home clock sports a mirror-like, high-gloss finish with printed numbers to the clock face. Wall clocks need to be long-lasting and this one features a scratch-resistant, UV-coated finish. The NAC NAD feel is appealing and like the 6F6F6F JCB, the Zen is beautiful. These products make the ideal gift too.

Why Choose This?

  • Simple Design
  • Beautiful Nature Zen Print
  • Contemporary Home Design

Howard Miller Station Clock

Howard Miller York Station Wall Clock 625-299 – Modern & Round with Quartz MovementClocks should be sleek and sexy. The Howard Miller station clock is one of the best home products you’ll find today. This clock offers a back-to-basics design with a circular outer and inner frame. There’s a gold finish to the roman numerals and clock hands. The stroke width makes it easy to read and wall clocks like this look good. The ED7C00 XDF products are impressive too.

Why Choose This?

  • Roman Numeral Clock Face
  • Traditional With A Modern Twist
  • Built on a Sturdy Metal Frame

The Bulova Metro Clock

Bulova C4849 Metro Wall Clock, Satin Pewter Finish/Matte BlackThis contemporary clock is smart, sleek, and fun. Styled in a traditional yet modern fashion, the Bulova Metro is beautiful. The clock face consists of raised markers instead of the traditional numbers and offers a silver-tone to make them easier to read. The Bulova works with a Quartz movement to bring accuracy to your timekeeping. Batter operated, this beautiful clock works in any home. These products are finished to a high standard also and the stroke width is easily readable.

Why Choose This?

  • Comes with a 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • An Oversized Glass Lens Protects the Clock Face and Dial
  • Soft Ticking Functions

The Medusa Copper Clock

Medusa Copper - 23½An ideal option for dining or lounge areas, kitchens, and bedrooms, this Medusa-inspired clock is a stunning piece of artwork. The subtle clock face contrasts well against the Medusa snake-like clock frame. Plywood has been laser cut to create the framework and has been hand-painted for perfection. The gold and copper colors work well together and offer a flame-like effect.

Why Choose This?

  • A Silent, Non-Ticking Clock Movement
  • White Dials Are Easy To See
  • AA Battery Operated

The Abstract Red and Black Decorative Clock

Statements2000 Unique Modern Black, Silver & Red Jewel Toned Abstract Metallic Wall Clock - Contemporary Time-Piece, Home Accent - Functional Metal Art - Power On Clock by Jon Allen - 24-inchThis doubles up as a piece of art and a modern, stylish clock. It’s contemporary in all the right places but never loses the charm of the clock features. Clocks need to put on a show. With these clocks, you will get that and more. The red and black colors contrast one another well. And, it offers precise accuracy with a Quartz movement. It’s all handmade too.

Why Choose This?

  • Easy To Hang with a Pre-Installed Bracket
  • Two-Tone Frame and Clock Face
  • A Modern Design
  • A Basic Stroke Width

The Bulova Phoenix Wall Clock

Bulova C4117 Phoenix Wall Clock, Champagnewith the design but it’s absolutely gorgeous. There is a pendulum that swings slowly and can be personalized with a special engraving. The Quartz movement helps to ensure time is accurate and operates with batteries. Like the EEF4F9 GBB and 91B1BB XBC, this beautiful clock is a fabulous addition to any household.

Why Choose This?

  • A Limited 1 Year Warranty
  • A Gorgeous Design
  • A Slow Swing Pendulum

Stephanie Imports Ink Splash Clock

Stephanie Imports Modern Minimalist Gray Ink Splash Silent Wall Clock (19.5” X 18.8”)If you want something exclusive for your home, this fantastic ink splash clock is the ideal option. Wall clocks like these are unique in every which way and are ideal for any room. The reflective mirror acrylic clock hands have a high-quality feel to them. And, the ink splash design is smart and innovative.

Why Choose This?

  • A Convenient Hanging Hook For Easy Installation
  • A Smooth Sweep Motion Reduces Noise
  • Fun and Creative

Seiko Zing Pendulum Clock

When these clocks appear on the market, they should be adored because they add charm and appeal to any household. The clock face is white with black numerals making it a perfect contrast of the two colors. It’s easy to read and the swinging pendulum adds a new dimension. These clocks, the 6F6F6F ZDB and 29202B XBE, will amaze and astound you. And, the Seiko will do the same. The upside-down triangle design is smart and innovative. The sleek finish proves a winner and has been sturdily constructed.

Why Choose This?

  • Modernly Designed
  • The Unique Shape
  • A Beautiful Finish

The Bulova Director Clock

Bulova C4846 Director Wall Clock, Satin Pewter FinishContemporary and sleek, this beautiful Bulova brings a modern twist to a traditional circular clock. Circular clocks can look nice but lack sparkle; this beautiful clock has plenty of charm and wit. Battery operated, the quartz movement ensures accuracy and the protective glass lens helps to keep the dial safe.

Why Choose This?

  • A Quiet Sweep
  • Raised Numbers For Easy Viewing
  • Comes with a Limited Warranty

Howard Miller Antoine Clock

Howard Miller Antoine Gallery Wall ClockProducts with wrought iron always look beautiful and the Antoine clock by Howard Miller looks stunning. The rectangular open frame with oversized galley face is nice. Finished with charcoal, the dial features, and stroke width stand out perfectly; they’ve been finished to a high standard. And, the Arabic numbers offer a modern look with an aged finish to the minute and hour hands. These clocks are Quartz movement with battery operation. Like the ED 2024 FBE and 91B1B TBC, this Howard Miller is one to adore.

Why Choose This?

  • Contemporary Wall Clocks To Suit Any Home
  • Battery Powered For Convenience
  • A Fresh Twist on a Traditional Clock

GCA 3D Numbers Clock

GCA 3D Big Digital Modern Contemporary Home Office Decor Round Quartz Wall Clock WhiteContemporary wall clocks don’t get any better than this. The GCA 3D numbers clock adds a new dimension to the timepiece which makes it ideal for any home. It can stand out in a dining room – or any other room – and the round shape of the clock feels like a piece of art hanging on the wall. The stroke width is functional and comes with an advanced Quartz movement to ensure accuracy. These wall clocks are finished to a very high standard and are powered by batteries.

Why Choose This?

  • 22cm in Size
  • An Art Deco Feel
  • Unique Numbers Design

The Charm of Contemporary

Contemporary wall clocks can offer something most clocks can’t and hanging them on your walls can be a smart way to complete the look of your home. Best of all, it is easier than ever to buy these wall clocks. You can find one that fits neatly into your home. You’ll fall in love with these clocks on wall today.

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